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RSS Formalhaut

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1 point

The school library is a place for study and work,kids who use the school computers for recreational purpuoses are keeping other kids from doing their school work.There was also a problem with this in my school and so social networks and game websites were blocked but still kids always find a way to play games.School must provide children the right places for leisure and entertainment but the computers should be used for working purpuoses only.

And of course..all porn sites must be blocked,I don't even know why I'm mentioning this because it's so obvious..

1 point

Not only,let's think about what happens to unwanted children when they come into this world.Yes,some of them end up being loved and cherished,but a mother who loses her job and her partner and her emotional sanity because of the child will ALWAYS ressent that child,deep down,and then the child will go throughtout hearing the old "Look at all the sacrifices I've done for you!" thing.Not to mention,what about the children whose parents are alcholics,drug addicts,abusers,violent,severely mentally ill?These are the children that end up in the hospital five years later completely destroyed,emotionally and physically,these are the children that are already living in violence and terror before they were even born.This is a controversial statement but sometimes NOT chosing abortion should even be a crime.

1 point

On theory,socialism is a more humane political system because it is based on equality,cooperation,and sharing of resources.However,in practice,we have yet to see a socialist nature triumph.China has only made it to the top because it adopts capitalist economical policies.Capitalism is,unfortunately,deeply tied to greed,ambition and uncontrolled growth,and liberal ideas leave room for greedy people to dominate our economy,but didn't Russia die of starvation,poverty and repression,didn't they almost fall on the hands of dictators?Did they succeed,did they reach equality,was the population happy?Did the sovietic republics fight to keep their ties to socialism?On paper,socialism is right;on the real world,is just a big fat mess...

Capitalism is based on selfishness,but man is naturally selfish.Capitalism lives long and healthy because it is in agreement with human nature.

1 point

Unfortunately,humakind has the amazing ability to destroy everything it touches.We destroyed our own planet,now we want to destroy the Moon?The Moon is a celestial body of symbolic relevance,which is a more emotional,non-rational argument but that still plays out for some people.

I agree we should try to use the Moon's resources for our wellbeing,but unfortunately,we have yet tp learn how to explore a resource without using it to exhaustion..

Also,there's plenty of room in the world for all of us.It's just that some parts of the globe are more crowded than others.And,as long as people can't deal with each other's differences,they can even be living on Jupiter,they'll never get along.

3 points

Dictatorship is never good but I don't think anarchy is good either.Having no freedom to say what you want is the biggest downside to dictatorship,but protection is far more important.I want to feel safe when I walk the streets.To me,that's the most important a government should provide their nation.

Not all dictatorships are discrimanting and prejudiced.In some,the only people that severely punished are the ones who openly oppose the government.Also,most dictators keep and economical agenda that is strongly protective of the nation's resources and its market.I think we've all seen where free trade and no governamental intervention in the economy has brought us..

1 point

I'm 19 years old and I feel the same.My generation is more interested in technology,creativity and the environment than any other but we have no moral values.The problem comes from the fact that modern psychology taught parents they should not punish or beat their children,that children must be treated with respect and understanding.I disagree with the good ol'spanking that makes kids feel sick at the sight of garden hoses and belts but punishments should be firmly applied,with no room for discussion.Children must learn to work for what they want.

Also,something that I find so utterly wrong is that the government does everything and anything to keep kids in school.I don't know how it works in other countries but here in Portugal the laws are getting so absurd that and 8th grader who keeps failing school is given the chance to take some exams and move on to the 10th grade,skipping the 9th grade along the way.What's the deal with this?If a teenager doesn't want to stay in school,let them work.They will end up realizing that no education means they will be getting a lousy salary and work in a place where they are basicly slaves.The government must be willing to include them back in the education system when they realise they were better off in school but before that,they need to get a taste of how life really is.If they refuse to find a job they are their parents' problem,but parents nowadays seldom get to the point where they've had enough and leave their children alone with their choices.

We're on the verge of a sexual revolution where women are becoming promiscuous,far more promiscuous than men!All of this started in the young generation of girls that think having sex with strangers is OK.However,we are not yet equiped with the hormonal tools that allow us to have unnattached sex.Women still have a strong chemical reaction to sex.We're wired differently.

We need people to be firm with us and get us motivated.Tolerance,respect,ambition and creativity must be encouraged because we have the tools to give future generations a comfortable life but we don't have the dools we need to create social harmony.

2 points

I'm all about determinism.It is absolutely true that people get to chose what to do with what life gives them,but then,why are there so many people that you just look at them and think "poor thing..."?They must have done something right at least once in life...

I think our life is already set once we are born.Freedom is nothing but a delusion.You think you're free to chose but the world already knows what you'll be getting out of that choice.I don't believe in God but I believe in fate.

However we're walking towards the same place so what's the point?Death is awaiting at the end of your life and everything that happens between the moment you live and the moment you die allows to either enjoy life or suffer.Some people have an easier ride but as the italian saying goes,"After the game the Kind and the Pawn go into the same box"...

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