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1 point

No, not really. A lot of the time, the knife will hit the target harmlessly with the handle, if it hits the target at all, which is not very useful and means you've just thrown away a sharp weapon which is now by the enemy you are trying to beat. Even if your opponent was polite enough to stand there, not moving, while you took aim, focused, and then threw, there's only a small chance that it would connect with the blade. And even if it did, it would have to connect with skin, otherwise it wouldn't really do much unless you have a very hard through and it hits with the point.But really, the best thing is to not throw your knife, and rather just walk and stab him in a bunch of times in the chest. Yes, it might work as a distraction, but so would throwing a chair or glass, or anything else that would probably do more damage without sacrificing a weapon to the enemy.

1 point

Star Wars has epic space wizards battling with big glowsticks. Poekmon has a bunch of 12 year olds hunting down animals, trapping them in a torture ball after beating them to within an inch of their life, and then forcing them to fight against other animals. I know which one I prefer.

1 point

You have just proven that the media cannot be proven. I had to double check to see if you were actually on the supporting side, because what you just said clearly shows that the media cannot be trusted. They cater to their audience, to the views, which means they will tell the audience what they want to hear or what they think they want to hear so they can get more views, truth be damned. You even say 'even if what is said is shy of the truth' which is the biggest contradiction in your statement.You're trying to say that the media cannot be trusted, and yet you outright say they lie? So how can they be trusted?

1 point

Not in the slightest. When the media says silly things like Call of Duty teaches you how to use guns and makes you into a mass murder, that's when you should be realising, if you haven't already, that the media simply tells lies and warps the truth for their own agenda. The media has their own agenda, and is willing to bend the truth or not present all the facts. After all, they wouldn't exist without viewers, so they do what they need to get more viewers and have more influence.

1 point

Spiderman is immature and shown countless times that he doesn't take the fight too seriously. Yes, Spiderman has the advantage of spider sense, but this has also shown to be very limited, and only gives him a small window to evade. With Batmans far superior experience, knowledge and arsenal, I believe he would end up winning.

1 point

Schools aimed at kids of a younger age should only be 4 days in my opinion. This gives the child 3 days of rest and gives them a chance to, you know, be a damn kid. Enjoy their life. It also means that they won't have a bunch of homework they have to somehow get through in just 2 days. However, as they get older and get into serious school, the days should be 5 days long as it is getting serious at that point and they need to be learning.

1 point

This can be argued indefinitely, as it's really just down to opinion, but I must say games. Those that say books enhance vocabulary etc, well games can do that too. There are games meant for the sol purpose of education, and they are very very good. There are also games meant for entertainment, which too are very good. I do love a good book, but video games simply offer more, and they are interactive. You can change the story in games such as Undertale, something that cannot be done in books. In a book, the story is set on one path, and once you know that path, that's it. That's all it is. But with a lot of video games, that can be changed. There could be a thousand different outcomes, and that's what gives a game replay value. You also get achievements, rewards if you will, for doing certain things, some of which might require a bit of imagination on your part. There is nothing like that in a book.

1 point

I don't agree with private schools. I think they're for the stuck up, snobby c who think they're too good to send their child to a public school, but that is their choice. As much as I hate them, I cannot dispute the fact that private schools do offer an advantage, however this advantage would not be so prevalent should public schools get the funding they need. If they did, and the governments of countries actually focused on giving a better education, then public schools could give an education equal or better than what public schools can provide.

1 point

No, because this implies that every single person in the West is ignorant of other cultures. Whilst it is true that some people are ignorant of other cultures for whatever reason, not every single person is like that. There many who make it their job to research other cultures and implement it into their life and the life of others.

1 point

Let's educate you in some basic biology. If it has a penis, it's a boy. If it has a vagina, it's a girl. There are 42 million genders, there are 2 genders clearly separated by biological differences. Do you know of any transgender lions? Whales? Monkeys? No, because humans are the only ones smart enough to be so damn dumb.

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