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1 point

Flag burners are known for both.

And people who are against flag burning are pro authoritarianism and fascism. I can play this game too.

You can be against a certain type of speech and not support legislation to stop that speech at the same time.

What a company does with their logo of their product is their decision. So if they wanna change it they can.

Leftists want them removed. No more black logos because of the left.

Also chalking up the whole taking down statues as "banning art" is insanely disingenuous and has so much more context than that. You've already proven to be dishonest though sooo

Then why don't you have your minions burn down Yale Univesity since it's named after a slave owner and slave trader?

1 point

The problem is that the Bible consists of two different books with two radically different messages that have been pasted together.

Cool. So show us these radically different messages. Then explain what your point is because I don't see one. Go for it.

Cool. So show us these radically different messages.

Open a Bible and read them for yourself.

This means you threw something out there, but had no idea what you were even talking about.

1 point

That's because God does not "tolerate" sin. Therefore the word "tolerance", as the left uses it is of Satan, and not God. It is clearly evil to tolerate everything. It would mean you'd have to tolerate pedophilia, rape, murder, theft, immorality, child abuse, slander, libel, greed, oppression, etc.

1 point

Nahhh... It's all open again.. Now, you can go to a movie and sit REAL close to a guy who's sneezing.. Aren't you lucky?

All other non-Coronavirus airborne viruses kill way more people than Coronavirus. You weren't paranoid until the left told you to be. We now know due to autopsies that the virus was here for months before you knew anything, and you lived life just fine and dandy. You shouldn't listen the media so much. You'll believe you are in a reality that isn't even real.

CNN has rotted your brain.

1 point

You're a disingenuous, greedy little self-interested toad and you are using the infamous, "the exception disproves the rule" fallacy. Lying capitalists have been using this one for decades.

You forgot to mention that 1 in 50 black families in the United States are millionaires, and with affilliate marketing, which can be done on a cell phone, there's no excuse.

Look at Britney Spears folks. Isn't capitalism great!!! Meanwhile the next two thousand teenagers end up pregnant at 17, living in a trailer park. But those poor kids don't get any airtime

Capitalism isn't great because rich liberals pass down privilege to their kids. It's great because unprivileged kids exit poverty into wealth due to Capitalism.

the next two thousand teenagers end up pregnant at 17

If this were true, the West's birth rate wouldn't be shrinking. You made this entire statistic up.

And why would you pretend that poor people are incapable of making wise life choices?

1 point

I know black people who were raised in the poverty stricken conditions you describe. If Racism was the proper description, then they would never have been able to get out of their circumstances by merely doing things differently then those who are still there. See, they aren't there anymore but they are still black.

Lefties aren't interested in deductive or inductive logic. They are concerned about fitting in with the mob and how it does or doesn't make them feel.

0 points

"Democrats in control?"

Absolutely they are in control. That's why you conveniently skipped over the left running the colleges, Hollywood, social media, the newspapers, the 3 main tv outlets and 2 large cable outlets. That's also why you ignored that almost all big cities have Democrat mayors who control these big city police departments.

1 point

Grown adult men don't use the word silly.

1 point

Pretty lame buddy. You should take a comedy class instead of a stick up my ass liberal class.


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