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RSS FreeWorld

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

It is impossible to jump from the Earth to the disagree. Their are a variety of things that are impossible. However some things that seem impossible just need more time to be worked out. Take for example Terraforming other planets. It seems impossible now due to technology limits, but in the future it might be a very real possibility.

2 points

Love knows no bounds. Marry who you love, no matter what race they are.

1 point

Yes, of course, no reason not to. They are human begins like the rest of us, none different than white people other than past culture and skin color.

1 point

It is highly unfair, the child doesn't have to conform to his or her parent's ways, especially if they can get real healing. If anything, it's just going to encourage the child to move away from his or her religion because of the parent's "faith healing" beliefs. Now I'm not saying it would never work , but its obvious its not working most of the time, and should be considered only as a last resort. Please, save your child suffering and give him/her the medicine he needs, it should be against the law and considered child abuse not to help your own child when he has a infection, cold, disease, etc. (Isn't it child abuse already?).

1 point

They turned it into a little kids game, yet still market it as a game for teenagers. I actually used to play it when I was around 12, when they had the wilderness, and their filters weren't set to "communistic soccer mom" settings. Since then, it got worse and worse. Its generated so many stupid kids who talk like "lol runscape is kool u guys it best game". I left it after I realized what I was getting into.

1 point

Yes, it is very possible that we are not alone in the universe. Out of those billions of stars, it is almost impossible to believe that we are the only forms of life out of all of them. However, the chance of finding highly advanced organisms is very slim. and it gets slimmer as your expectations get higher. I would guess that their are about 500,000 planets with no life or cell-level lifeforms for ever 1 planet that has intelligent life.

1 point

I don't really get the reason for this rule. It just doesn't make sense how it would make us better Christians in the first place by not eating shrimp, or why eating it would make someone deserve eternity in hell. It's shrimp, that's it, nothing evil about it. Like the polyester-cotton mix rule, this just seems like a law not created by God, but by whoever was writing it at the time for their own reasons.

1 point

Charizard has always been my favorite because he's an awesome looking dragon, he can fly, and he would be a great snuggle partner!. As a kid, I searched desperately around for a charizard plush in toy stores, but only in vain =(. So yeah, go Charizard!

6 points

Sparkling Vampires. That's all I needed to know to know that the movie was nothing more than masturbation material for fan-girls.

1 point

A big, huge FUCK no. This would be a step towards communistic rule, and that's the last thing anybody wants, anywhere. Plus, it would just create more problems and put us in debt even more just to do what? Try to stop horny teenagers and charge them for "sex offending"? Not gonna happen. (Psst, if your contemplating sexting, don't show your face in the picture =P)

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About Me

"I'm a teenager seeking both sides of an argument, and learning from both before making a decision, if at all. I support free speech, I support net neutrality, I support my country the way it was meant to be from the beginning; Free, with liberty and justice for everyone, gay or straight, black or white, christian or Mormon. When we are divided by religious differences, or pointless arguments, we fight and cause misery among those around us. But together, through unity, a nation can achieve a better peace than a pure Christian country could, or an all white colony could ever hope for. This is the dream of the new age of thinkers, workers, and adults of tomorrow, the voice of the young adults, like me, who stand for their rights."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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