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RSS FrogofLondon

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0 points

@ Dermot - I have the same feeling about you as the feeling I get when I step in dog shit. But at least dog shit has a purpose, it fertilizes the lawn and provides food for small organisms.

You're nowhere near the level of importance that dog shit has attained.

To achieve the the status of dog shit would be a huge unattainable upgrade for you.

Gay. Ribbit. Still Gay.

0 points

I'm actually genetically perfect

Being mildly mentally retarded is nobody's idea of genetic perfection other than your own.

I'm dashingly good looking

We both know you're ugly as fuck, Dermot. Good looking people are not desperate for attention. They get it anyway.


-1 points

Lol. And what do you suppose white people graduated from, you pointlessly stupid, unfunny racist idiot? Do you think they just woke up one day armed with machine guns? Are you genuinely so spectacularly thick that you are somehow unaware white people used to use a bow and arrow also? We even used spears at one stage. I'll bet that has you reeling in shock, doesn't it?

The fact is you're a coward, otherwise you'd be out saying these things to "the bongos" directly, instead of hiding behind a keyboard like the scared little boy you are.


You laughable Nazi prick. Your fuhrer wants to build a giant wall like Stalin and you are calling the other guys Stalinists

"False equivalence is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone incorrectly asserts that two or more things are equivalent, simply because they share some characteristics, despite the fact that there are also notable differences between them." andconclusions

I dunno.. In my view, a person who is logical and reasoned understands that fucking children ISN'T reasonable or logical.

Perhaps you might wish to talk to the Democratic Party which disagrees with you.

The idiots that use them are assisting their "dear leader" nearly as much as Putin is.

That time CNN admitted Collusion story was fake that libs pretend didn't happen timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnt_happen

So, the feds are kidnapping American citizens

I see nothing in the article that says they had citizenship. Maybe they're Russians.

and you're happy about it??

What do you mean? What's the difference between leftists going rogue and righties going rogue? Just pretend the black baggers are peaceful protesters practicing antifascism with no named leader.

Then practice celibacy outside of marriage like your Bible commands.

Bringing unwanted children WHO CANNOT BE CARED FOR, into the world is a crime against humanity.

Then so is not using protection or practicing celibacy if you do not want or cannot care for a child.

Like everything else you ever write you disgusting liar, that is not true.

It is literally, objectively true. It's not chimps you are killing. It's human beings.

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