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RSS FromWiithin

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0 points

All they want to do is be sure they are not bringing the New York "Hoax" with them and spreading Trump Virus to the innocent.

Did President Trump Refer to the Coronavirus as a ‘Hoax’?

Snopes: False

1 point

I appreciate you providing us with this truth today. The truth will set us free not left wing lies.

0 points

I don't think Jesus would like your attitude outlaw. We all need to examine ourselves. Do you agree?

1 point

Thank God for Donald Trump. It's time to stop the murder of late term babies.

0 points

Your country has monarchs.

1 point

but is it really any worse than the guy who filed for bankruptcy FOUR TIMES?

This is you not understanding how business and basic economics works. When you are a billionaire who has owned thousands of companies, letting loose of certain companies to protect the empire is normal practice. bankruptcy

A strategic bankruptcy may occur when an otherwise solvent company makes use of the bankruptcy laws for some specific business purpose.[1] A strategic bankruptcy can be used to get away from expensive contracts otherwise unbreakable. For example the airlines Sabena and Swissair have gone bankrupt and been restructured and got away from high salary and expensive pension contracts with pilots and other staff. In 2002 Kmart filed Chapter 11 for protection from creditors. One of the main problems affecting Kmart's cash flow and therefore its liquidity was that Kmart was locked into long-term leases at premium rates with respect to various unprofitable stores. While in chapter 11 reorganization, Kmart was able to renegotiate or rescind those particular leases.

In some countries, like Sweden, it is common at least for smaller companies with deep debts, to have a bankruptcy, and close down the company, but where the owner has prepared a new company which buys important assets including the name, and continues with much smaller debts.

1 point

We'll never know why your own children hate you other than your sperm didn't do a good job. They must have swum crookedly.

1 point

Your kids hate you. The ones you ate hate you the most. You shouldn't eat children.

3 points

1)We have an obvious puppet account preaching about puppet accounts.

2)You've never met Bronto to know.

3)We saw what you posted. It was Hitler all over. You two are the same. You are literally Hitler.

-4 points

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