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RSS Frostyflake

Reward Points:3
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1 point

the only thing worse than people talking about you is people not talking about you.

I'm basically talking about you and every other person who wastes time "debating" or believing in one-sided ideologies. You should be grateful I took the time to point out how much of an irrelevant waste of time you are and make use of this chance to rethink how you spend your time.

2 points

While you're telling him you're glad and you don't want him to leave

I'm on the way to lay his fucking mom with the D

any interaction is a problem with me

I'll resurrect your mom out of her coffin for free

I'm the necromantic mantis-style kung fu man with sex thats frantic

raising every female corpse to make them wet their pants quick

I'm the reckless man that never learns from punishment or reprimandment

I've broken every covenant from the first to 310th commandment

I've been left as stranded as orphans on church steps abandoned

lived in peasant hamlets and lived on nothing but specks of granite

If you strapped me to a rocket and aimed me at a desert planet

eleven damn whiskeys deep I'd still have the skillset to land it

I'll inject your damn wrist with a pyrotechnic lantis

filled with fetid, cancerous spores I picked from decore in Edgar's mansion

Edgar Allen Poe, he was po' he ain't had no mansion

other than his brain so right out of his skull I took that damn shit

stole it from his grave, this is brave when said aloud, I know

the way I bend the vowels can take all your atoms and bend the valence shells

the legacy that you believe that you leave on this site, no one's noticin' it

except those who understand you the least...yet you're codependent

feeding on each others hate, two sides and each one is fake

because life is a spectrum, polarized by the weaponized media made

by the biased, not just the rich or stupid ass random ass people or state

1 point

I really wish you would die, but there's bigger fish I could fry. You will be kicked to the side, left like some knickers to dry. I'll put my dick in your eye. I'll get a ticket and ride on a trip to dubai, I hear the bitches are fly. I'm in the whip with the whiskey I sip when I drive, you may think its a danger but really the anger and road rage when the conniptions arrive are the shit you should mind. Can't get convicted this time. Last time I didn't drink when I drive I got out and pissed on a guy with several witnesses by. But it helps that I been gettin' high on that shit I'm addicted and fried but my business is mine. You can get up inside of some shit with the pigs in the stye, I think you'll fit in just fine.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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