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0 points

yes i've thouoght about it and that would be the way i want to go..It beats getting shot or having some freak accident

1 point

if we legalize pot there wil be a sharp increase in demand and consumption over a period of time will start to decline....slowly at first until smoking pot becomes drinking wine.......only on special occasions...........that's why we should continue the war it's not like weed is damn near impossible to my opinion there is no war.......there never was...

1 point

i agree i've been playing video games all my life and i'm still a smart student good athlete and all aroung great guy. i'm sick of people using video game as an excuse to why children have bad behaviors

4 points

no.. video games do not have a negative effect on young mind. If that's the case how would you explain a child's bad behavior before video games............comic books?? Parents have the power to prevent young kids from playing violent games. 7 and 8 year olds can't go out and buy grand theft auto without an adult can they????????......didn't think so. They're just looking for someone to blame

2 points

i'm afraid i would have to disagree. i believe disney knew what they were doing when they drew a penis on the cover of the little mermaid or when the gave the priest an erection. OR those countless sex subliminal messages throught their movies................and come on THE CROWS>>>>>>

1 point

There's no right or wrong to whom you may dislike if you have a strong reason there are people that i dislike but none over petty things such as attitude or personality...i dislike these people because they live disgusting(not in a dirty sense)lives. and they are really unlikeable people

1 point

we all know there's no way people are poor and honestly happy. They try to keep positive attitudes. and i understand. i'm not rich myself but there hasn't been a time where i was broke and still could honestly have a positive upbeat on life.

2 points

of course it doesn't constitute animal cruelty it's not don't see a little kid outside catching rats so he could teach them how to shoot lightning bolts

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Winning Position: That we can't run the country
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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Of Course

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