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RSS GBPackers09

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1 point

Yes, I think that our generation is so used to texting that it effects how well we can spell and write. Also, when people say things like "omg", it makes them look uneducated.

2 points

I would rather be fatherless than have a father that is lousy and does absoultly nothing. Most kids look up to their dads, but if they aren't good fathers, then why have them around. It just means that the kid will want to be lousy like his dad. Besides, you can't miss what you never had.

0 points

No I wouldn't turn in my spouse. Just because the girl that i married killed someone doesn't make them a terrible person. People make mistakes.

1 point

We live in a world that is tough and not everthing is fair. I've been told all my life that its a dog-eat-dog world. So I think its better to look out for what you want in life, and if that helps the common good then thats a bonus.

1 point

Yes, I think that Shakespeare's stories should be studied. Mainly because it forces students to think about the true meaning of his writings

-2 points
1 point

It is better to be well respected, because then people won't walk all over you, but respect you. If you are wealthy people will notice you for your money not for you as a person.

0 points

Batman is more heroic than Superman. Mainly because Batman can't fly or shoot laser beams out of his eyes, yet he still fights crime with a higher risk of dying.

-3 points
-1 points

It is better to be feared because then people will respect you. If you are loved most people would still try to take advantage of you, but being feared means nobody will treat you like dirt.

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