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"Resorting to insults now before i thought you had a little sense." Translates into coherent English as...............

You're a narrow minded man, a mere sheep to the Sheppard that is your religion.

You've not won the debate because you've not swayed any opinions you fucking moron.

I'm not avoiding, I'm reflecting.

What was there before God?

I do not know how or why the existence of anyone or anything is even possible. Nor will I pretend for a moment that I do, but that is the theory that I feel holds the most validity, and is one I will read up on tomorrow and come back with a good argument, but for now I am to tired to make sense, so I'm going to bed. I look forward to discussing this tomorrow.

I just had a royal mindfuck moment where both nothingness and existence were impossible and I have no idea on how to explain it >_<

2 points

How did god make something from nothing, how does god exist? Please explain.

3 points

I like the 'bounce theory', the proper name for it slips me, but it is a theory in which there always has been, is, and always will be existence, where gravity will pull things in tightly together, for an incomprehensible amount of time, before exploding, giving off the big bang, and was the push of the bang gradually fades, everything will be sucked in once more, and the cycle repeats.

I like this idea because it makes the universe seem flexible... Almost open to manipulation.

I don't know the guy, we seem to have some fairly conflicting ideas, but he gives a well balanced and rational explanation to his views and has a good input to the site.

But the person chose to be buried for whatever reason, this question has made me ponder a bit, and I think I'd prefer to donate my organs and have the waste of my body thrown to the sea, so I could be of use to something.

I think it's the morality behind this that got me fired up, this is the wish of a deceased person's family, and probably one of the deceased themselves, and one which I feel should be respected and held with high regard.

The meaning of life would be to enhance the life of our descendants, wouldn't it?

I've always thought what is the purpose of life.. Furthermore, what is the purpose of existence?

A few sociologists and psychologists could probably come up with a fair prediction of who is likely to commit the crimes, but it's a matter of how to stop the crimes being committed I think, like the crimes are avoidable but the way of dealing with them is not yet known ... If that makes sense?

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Biographical Information
Name: Kier Morris
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Agnostic
Education: In College

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