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RSS Gatis

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Why do you want both sexes to kill and die for western economic globalism instead of neither?

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Do you believe that carbohydrates are necessary for the synthesis of dopamine and it's inhibitors?

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Junk food doesn't exist in a naturalistic paradigm.

Neither does humans eating a high plant food diet, especially when it comes to processed grains. In fact, we basically just agreed cause' those things ARE junk food.

I have apple trees, plum trees, pear trees in my garden

Selective breeding, the natural versions are smaller and less palatable. You wouldn't be able to get any fucking energy from fruit in nature.


Totally man made, Tomatoes are in the nightshade family and were created by thousands of years of selective breeding just like every other fruit you've ever eaten in your retarded butt plug of a life. Humans only ate fruits and seeds etc. when they had nothing else in nature, then when we starting to do agriculture the plant foods became a "filler" in the lower classes diet while the elites eat nothing but animal food. Now the slaves are told that man made plants are healthy while the elites eat raw meat all day because humans are fucking carnivores.

strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries

The berries are the best example you have, and even those have been altered by human cultivation. Watch this video because I already explained this whole topic in it.

Every fucking qualified nutritionist on this planet will tell you fruit is good for the body.

If you care what mainstream nutritionists say you're an imbecile. The establishment supports monsantos, GMO, factory farming, plant based diets etc. because they want you to be retarded and weak slaves that do as you're told, and it fucking works too.

Bullshit. Fruit tastes great

Most wild fruits will kill you and taste like shit while doing it.

Glucose is precisely the energy source the body's cells utilizes. It literally converts every complex carbohydrate in existence into glucose for the cells to use.

Have you ever heard of ketosis? Our ancestors would have been in ketosis most of the time because hunting and eating meat is much more efficient than picking nuts and berries all day and there's over 50 nutrients we can't get without animal foods.

They don't. It's a pretty well known fact that cultures stemming from the Indus valley civilization, including about however many billion traditional Hindus throughout the centuries, didn't hunt animals for food.

Hindu texts talk about meat being the highest of all foods you retarded jack ass. They think cows are sacred, that's about it. Vegetarianism/veganism is a modern invention.

Without morals we couldn't be pack animals.

Then why do no other pack animals have morals? When people mistake empathy and the ability to have mutually beneficial relationships with morality it clearly shows me they are retarded and have no actual empathy because they rely on an artificial code of rules rather than instinct. You are supposed to naturally feel empathy towards those who are close to you and take advantage of everyone else for your own benefit because that's how humans work in nature.

You're switching the position of the goalpoasts here. Raw beans

Shut up idiot. I am not switching goalposts by bringing up yet another toxic plant that retards think is healthy.

1 point

Everything is based on poker theory.

Everything is based on nature theory.

1 point

You should start to eat a raw meat. Start with steak tartar I suggest.

1 point

I am Gatis Lagzdins the man of raw meat and natural philosophy.

1 point

In the wild, humans would naturally enjoy foods high in sugars (fruits)

People also enjoy doing drugs and eating junk food, the latter of which is usually characterized by being full of sugar. Pleasure can be an indicator of something being good or harmlessly enjoyable, it can also be a trap. How many fruits do you think people actually ate in nature before we started to make the man made fruits you buy in the grocery store? Name one fucking fruit you've ever eaten in your life that wasn't selectively bred or genetically modified, you could probably only come up with about 2 or 3 if any. This is because natural fruit mostly tastes like shit and has very little nutritional value.

these are great sources of energy (as well as various vitamins and minerals).

You're fucking brainwashed, man. They are full of "energy" because they give you a sugar high, and when you look up the actual vitamins/minerals in most fruit it's almost nothing with the exception of vitamin C and sugar. Again, most of the fruits you think are healthy are actually just man-made sugar bombs that never existed in nature and which our ancestors never ate but were created through thousands of years of selective breeding. Before agriculture, humans rarely ate fruits and almost never ate grain,seeds or vegetables of any kind.

we don't have much natural propensity for killing mammals, birds or amphibians.

Then why do all human cultures hunt and kill animals? And why you leave out the poor reptiles?

Children naturally get distressed at the killing of an animal of any significant size or intelligence, and we know that repeated exposure to this kind of violence is a risk factor for psychopathic tendencies as an adult

Domesticated humans are conditioned to be afraid of blood and killing. Children who haven't been brainwashed will obviously react to it, and might even get sad if they understand death, but they will only believe in morals and such if they are brainwashed. In nature humans accept death as a part of life, all primitive cultures know "the circle" and whatnot. You think exposure to violence is what makes people psychopaths but it's the opposite, it is suppressing their natural instincts that makes them want to kill because they don't hunt, drink blood and eat raw meat like humans are supposed to.

Yes, meat can undoubtedly be a catalyst for better brain development and certainly, we are capable of digesting a variety of animal products, but if left to our own devices, most children would choose not to kill mammals or other intelligent species for food.

"I know animal fat, vitamins and proteins are vital for health but let's all be pussies and destroy ourselves because the poor animals, googoo gaga".

I choose brain development over man made morality.

Fruit, vegetables, butter, cheese, milk, yogurt and fish are adequate sources of all the nutrients the body needs.

You're only alive because of the animal products. There's over fifty nutrient you can't get if you were to eat only plants, and absolutely nothing from plants that we can't get from organs and meat including vitamin C and anti-oxidants which can be found in the eyes, heart and liver of many animals.

My point being: the dietary tendencies of human children, and our own tastebuds, are a fantastic indicator of our "natural" nutritional needs.

That's correct, so why do you think kids almost always hate vegetables and like meat? No human on earth likes grains unless they are highly processed, no human likes vegetables or legumes naturally. If you were to offer a baby a choice between a raw grass-fed steak or a bowl of raw beans, they would ALWAYS choose the steak because raw steak is delicious and healthy and raw beans are poisonous and disgusting.

1 point

LIMEY you have videos ?????? Well produce your videos for us there LIMEY !!!!!!!

I start you off with this.

Bread used to mean meat
1 point

You are obviously retarded. People have been eating raw meat since the dawn of time, there are numerous popular dishes containing raw animal foods to this day such as sushi, steak tartar and caviar but what people don't realize is that raw meat is better for you because cooking creates carcinogens and destroys nutrients and beneficial bacteria. All of the parasites and toxins in meat are from unsanitary conditions, from unnatural animal feed and injections and from cooking meat so you have no argument against raw meat you nutrient deficient slave.

1 point

Both, you are listening to Ryan channeling the personality and thoughts of Gatis.

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