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RSS Gaytruth

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1 point

Exactly. Im so enraged right now, my blood pressure is through the roof. They claim to be about love and then contradict themselves.

What is wrong do you not follow the bible?

0 points

I have seen quite a few pages of this site before and each time it was nothing more than the crazed, ignorant ramblings of a religious zealot.

What is wrong with it woman should submit to their husbands

1 point

My analysis: this is def about rape. Anyone who knows anything knows that. The part where the man seizes the woman is about rape, even though that Baptist pastor's wife lies and says that it is not. I was so mad when I found this. This is complete victim blaming sexist anti woman proslavery crap, and it should not be in the Bible. I would not obey this under any situation. I mean how romantic is it (satire) to be raped and then forced to marry the rapist being his or her hostage for the rest of your life and watching the kids get raped too? Not at all, I say. This is slavery. There is no way around that, and I want God to do some explaining.

He had to pay 50 shackles the bible doesn't just allow the rape.

2 points

It is true I would recommend anyone who has a child who is or know someone who is gay I highly recommend you go to one.

1 point

No it does not. There are many different types of dance. Dancing is very spiritual and meditative for me, and Im not going to stop dancing unless I lose my ability.

My point is a lot of music is lustful and sinful

1 point

I call dibs on your stuff when you get raptured.

Can't you stop trying to troll me it is getting old....

1 point

This is ridiculous, Obama can't get anything done. How is he supposed to pull off all that with less than a full term in office after spending over a full term not getting anywhere close to that?

When the rapture happens people will panic and they will turn to the government and who is the leader of the United States...... That's right Barack Obama all the world's religion will unite to serve Obama expect one..... True Christianity

1 point

Why are you debating for the "Yes" side of the debate when you are Religious yourself?

Whoops picked the wrong side thank you :)

1 point

Just because he says he is just doesn't mean he is. Homosexual relations are not worthy of punishment. If two people who consent on doing them do them then they are not harming anybody. You have no right to try and stop them from doing that because it does not affect you or anyone other than themselves.

God knows what is best

I know but regardless it is still taking belonging of another human being against their will

and still immoral.

So you hate community service for crimes? or to pay off debts (a job)

Well then there is clearly something wrong with you. Children (or even anyone) never deserve to be killed apart from if they have done something seriously bad like killing some one themselves. Especially not in such an inhumane way.

That was for extreme cases not just a single slip of the mouth

1 point

If you have same sex relations you should be killed for it

Why is that bad as God is a just God and punishes sin

If you don't believe in it you get sent to Hell for an eternity

Doesn't evil deserve to be punished?

Slavery is OK

Slavery back then was different then the 1800s plantation slavery

Disobedient children should be stoned to death.

I'm a teenager and I have no problem with that verse

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