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RSS GeeDollah

Reward Points:22
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That silly African dude who couldnt even swim and doggypaddled his way to the finish line-barely.

1 point

I forgot to sign my taxes so the IRS is holding my loot longer than I expected. When it does come it's going towards new sticks.

Supporting Evidence: Play Your Best (
0 points
I heard Miller Lite is what they found in Heath Ledger's toxicology report. It's poisonous, and not in a cool get banged up on mushrooms way.
2 points
I think it would be great. Imagine the black voter turnout with Barack and 60% of the population consists of women. If the country is 20% black then add another 10% of the population (black men) that would identify with this ticket. That makes 70% of the population with something in common with one or both of them. With 2 white men running on a ticket you've only got all the white people that have that common thread. I love how the Republicans are counting on the conflict between the Democratic candidates to help their side improve its chances and just a few weeks ago there were Fox News anchors saying they would rather vote for Hilary than McCain. I enjoy the fact that the GOP has ended up with a candidate with such liberal tendencies that they hate him but it's his ability to separate himself from his party that makes him a viable candidate to get elected. No matter who the next president is, we are all winners the day President Cheney and VP Bush step down.
1 point
Sounds like somewhere we can catch mass on Sunday morning before we play UNC Finley. But I have no preference otherwise.
-1 points

1 point
If you don't go to Rick's across from Sloppy Joe's than you screwed up big time. When I die . . . . bury me at Rick's!
0 points
2 up and 2 down, know this.
1 point
I bought a TV at Circuit City on Black Friday. I got it in February. Enough said.
0 points
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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: G. Skrillah
Gender: Male
Age: 100
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States

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