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RSS GenPaulus

Reward Points:96
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2 points

I'm sure it is smaller than my brother's (who is 4 years old). I saw this video the day it was on the web... Democrats are funny mixed up people.

-1 points

Yes, keep the motherland pure! No gays! If you stand in opposition to the no gays law I have one thing to say about your next step fighting the non-gays.


1 point

300, Spartans :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

WAW is great. All moden warfare's suck. You may as well call them modder warefare because everybody mods!

1 point

I have mw3 and as of today 39% of the people who play it use mods or hacks (found by a survey xbox live did). It is gay and i hate it. I think that xbox live should actually care when people mod. They do nothing and this is why i may get a ps3. I have played 6 different games today where people were invinsible and ended up going 31 and 0, 19 and 0, you see what i'm saying. I have stuck them with semtex and shot entier acr clips into them. I am a good player at mw3 and have gotten several moabs but now everybody hacks. My kd is positive so i think i'm just gonna wait untill the next cod comes out.

0 points

Hell no! thats messed up as hell! Well i do not know what country you guys are in but in america that is a no-brainer. That is illegal for adults to do to not only student and kids but everyone. If you say yes then i say... GO [email protected]#* YOURSELVES!

GenPaulus(96) Clarified
1 point

I am clearifying kaiserdeneu(10)'s statment. In WW2 the German tanks were by far superior I know wht he is talking about too. On the only a hundred miles maybe less from europes border 2 German tanks with help of their extreme tactical advantages of being well trained in radio one. They had a strategy of one tank being visable to Russians comming through a clearing, when they got through to try and shoot the german tank another german tank (partly hidden) killed them with the other visable and manuevering tanks help. It is amazing how people in numbers overestimate themselves.

3 points

Well we are alone, and you are exactly correct. Germany leads europes econemy today and without them most of europe would be in famine. Maybe not britan because of the us but otherwise most of eastern europe.

0 points

Wow, you people are disgraces, you say gays are fine, army generals are fags, and abortions are fine, yet none of you have ever been in the army, been not gay! Or been aborted... you are all rtards and if I had the chance i'd beat the shit out of you.

1 point

Penn State. However I think football is more entertainment than sport... not just for the people watching, I think it fun to play.

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Winning Position: No (tell if u r gay or not)
Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: How can I raise my own army? Who would join hypothetically?
Winning Position: yes! definatly
Winning Position: confederates
Winning Position: Richtofen!!!
Winning Position: blackops

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