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RSS Genius1993

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1 point

It much more complex than just humour, think outside the box

1 point

If you balance with how much we spend to set it up in relation to how much we make back through tourism etc. It's just a waste of money. But be careful now.. It's a waste of money, but it doesn't mean it doesn't bring far more benefits than just views in the long run.

1 point

Uniforms used in schools epitomises deindividuation, deindividuation is a concept which explains how individuals lose their self-awareness in groups, clothes, mood etc. In this context, children tend to conform to the rules and social norms that a school holds solely because of the subtle power uniforms hold. Children feel they are representing their school, therefore they act i n a suitable way. Deindividuation has many advantages, but many disadvantages if it is used in the wrong. e,g War, Robbery etc.

1 point

This comes down to the Trolley Problem, 'the general form of the problem is this: Person A can take an action which would benefit many people, but in doing so, person B would be unfairly harmed. Under what circumstances would it be morally just for Person A to violate Person B's rights in order to benefit the group?'

1 point

I watched him today funny enough and i couldn't agree more. But that doesn't make him a bad PM though?

Genius1993(44) Clarified
3 points

I should have specified that you will have more years to live

1 point

I'd hate to go on like the environment is a thought that i have night and day, because it isn't. But i'm in favour of deforestation, but then again it depends on which country you're talking about. In a country like Iceland that hardly has any trees etc. it would be lovely to have some reforestation, but in a place in Africa where trees and plants are not used for anything useful to be honest. Deforestation would be ideal to use the area for land which in effect could be used for things more useful things like cooperations, businesses, houses etc.

1 point

Being entitled to your own opinion has been taken for granted in this 21st century. Nobody is saying don't say what you think/feel, however majority of people say something outlandish/absurd and say 'well it's my own opinion' - For example one could say, Obama is the worst president ever, okay fair enough.. however his facts of changes and improvements in America beg to differ. I just think 'my opinion' needs to be re-evaluated. Have an opinion which is actually logical and one that can be justified.

2 points

Personally, i think people have misconstrued the importance of a mobile phone, new technology has distorted the 'point' of having a phone. Lets go back 15 -20years + when having internet on the phone wasn't even thought about, or when snake was the only game available to quench are boredom. How important was a phone then and how imperative is a phone now. How would one connect with family and friends? With a payphone? How would cooperations which solely work on phones cope? Bringing economics into this, but not deviating away from the point. What would happen to mobile phone companies and a drastic decrease in unemployment and tax revenue for the Government? May i ask how you anti-phones would like to communicate with your friends and relatives abroad?

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