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RSS Gibby_Prime

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1 point

Why is my computer sending this reply, it must have chose to right?

Computers aren't humans. Computers are programmed, humans are not. Humans make choices, computers don't.

1 point

Am I serious that things cannot die before they have been born?

Hmm, I guess you are serious then...

Are you autistic?


Obviously you are so reprehensibly stupid that you do not understand what cause and effect is.

Obviously you haven't done any research, let alone have any common sense. Let me lay it out for you. A fetus is a living human being inside of the mother's womb. During its life inside the womb, it is developing into a baby. While it's developing, it is gaining nutrients from the mother, developing a beating heart, forming brain activity, etc. When abortion happens, it aborts or "kills" the fetus inside the womb. You can't "kill" something that is not already alive.

0 points

How can you kill something that hasn't been born?

Are you serious? That's what abortion is all about, "killing" the unborn baby. The fetus is inside of the womb, making it not born yet, but it's still alive and developing. Go do some research.

1 point

You're an idiot. Guns don't "defend".

Yes they do. If a murderer tries to kill me, I defend myself with a gun. I don't have to kill them, maybe I can shoot them in the leg or arm and disable them. That is defending yourself by using a gun.

1 point

It Is Impossible For Any Intelligent Person To Take American Conservatives Seriously

But aren't y'all the ones who say that there are more than two genders, aborting fetuses is okay, and that guns should be taken away? I'm also sure you guys call us bigots and racists for no reason, and that illegals should come into the U.S.

Gibby_Prime(38) Clarified
1 point

The liberal definition is that guns kill people ;)

People kill people.

2 points

Idiocy is right wing. Intelligence is left wing.


1 point

I'll admit that the article I put was wrong because the person who wrote it was talking about race. But, it's not just a religion because you can be ethnically Jewish. Do you at least agree with this statement?

0 points

There is not, nor has there ever been, a Jewish race.

You can be both ethnically Jewish and part of the Jewish religion.

1 point

Do You Agree That No Conservative Should Be Spared?

No, I don't think anyone should not be spared.

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