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1 point

Never really have bought into the whole global warming thing. But if it were true, it wouldn't really bother me much, because what truly matters is not this side of the door, but the other side after this life is over. Living a life that honors God and that truly loves others is what matters.

1 point

There is more than one area of evolution.

1. Microevolution (smaller changes throughout the life time of an organism through environment)

2. Macroevolution (large changes in species)

Macroevolution has not stood the test of time with its testing. It is propaganda for the most part.

Microevolution has stood the test of time and is an obvious reality.

There are hypotheses, theories, and proven facts/laws...

Microevolution seems to fit each category, but macroevolution is an hypothesis, and possibly a theory at best.

2 points

Well, we technically "shouldn't", however, even the way we approach debates is done under bias. We all have a world view which influences the way we approach debating with others and what each person's motives are. It is impossible to completely remove bias. In fact, the word "bias" has a negative connotation and is often used as a dysphemism for the word "perspective." Even the scientific method for testing and experimentation is done under the scope of a perspective, albeit a time-tested perspective.

1 point

The tyrant here is in a position of authority. He or she is oppressing the coward. The coward, though fearful and not taking the responsibility to stand up for what he or she believes in, feels defeated.

However, in all reality, both are to blame.

2 points

Yes, but with a very large HOWEVER...

First, what is tradition? And also what is progress?

Tradition is a natural enemy to progress because progress is the antithesis to tradition. The words are antonyms.

However, if you mean, for example, the belief in God being an obstacle to progress, or anything along that line, that is beyond a question of tradition and progress.

I hope we are speaking just of scientific inquiry. Otherwise, this topic doesn't work well as an argument because the natural and supernatural are different, and thus cannot be easily compared.

1 point

Polygamy is gross. So no way! In fact, I am not crazy about a lot of their facebook ads that are so misleading.

6 points

All the way, without any reserves. I am simply not smart enough to create God. I am simply not powerful enough to create God. And I am definitely no wise enough to create God.

Now when it comes to the actual concept of the existence of God, I think you would have to get more specific. As far as a Creator in general, the world speaks for itself. Evolutionary models of the formation of the universe have changed so many times that there is no consistency. The hypothesis of macro-evolution has no substantial evolution that could bring me to a place to say, "Oh! The universe came into existence by itself!"

God created man, and all creation can testify to that.

1 point

That or those who write the scripts could simply just take the words out. It actually detracts from films and television. Cuss words are in many ways like filler words for hollywood and sitcoms. It's kind of pathetic.

1 point

There were some very interesting and enlightening points of view on this subject.

I have come to believe that love is a choice, or as was said already, a series of choices. I DO believe that emotions stem from the choices that we make to love others, but ultimately, love is a choice.

Let's use a marriage as an example. There are many couples that get married because of they feel they are in love, but this is merely infatuation because they feel that excitement and newness in that relationship. When that newness dies off, so does the infatuation. You have to have a connection deeper than one's immediate feelings and the commitment to love someone by making the choice to sacrifice for the other person.

By laying selfishness aside and loving without the promise of return, you are going beyond infatuation and immediate emotions.

I believe that is what a love, a true love, comes down to.

4 points

I believe in God 100%. He is more real than every breath we take, he is more solid than the food we eat. By "real" and "solid" I refer to reality, for nothing would be without his hand sustaining it.

There is an intelligent design in this universe and the love of an Almighty God that was shown when he sent his own son to sacrifice himself on behalf of those who were in bondage to sin, shame, and death.

Yes, I believe in God. Quite so.

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Winning Position: Love is a feeling

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