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10 most recent arguments.
4 points

of course because it's boring to look at somebody dressed the exact same way as you. some of these uniforms are itchy and a piece of shit. fuck school uniforms.

2 points

yes! because if something bad happens we could contact the right people.

2 points

hes just a piece of shit and he hasn't done any thing to help the u.s. hes a bastard he is sending more troops to iraq and he said they would be out by 2012. see hes such a bastard i can't belive you gies like him.

1 point

you assholes you know what obama stands for one big ass mistake. so fk him.

1 point

when you are on drugs you can't help it if you die. thats stupid to think he faked his death.

2 points

we should be allowed to because what if us as teenagers need to call somebody important. we are going to cheat with text messages of course we are it's waht we do. cell phones should be allowed in school, i have a black berry storm by the way.

1 point

girls because there are some hot ones at some schools and you can get a girlfreind and hang out. if youre like me and have a hot girl for a girlfreind isnt that awsome or what. girls are genaraly smater than boys

1 point

chick flick because i love to see girls go wild an that is like so awesome and then they rip each others cloths off and still fight while men get satisfaction from that shit and the best thing is that they are naked and you see the parts and that is sick.

3 points

monkeys are a-lot better because they don't act weird like pandas. they are the most vicisous animals on earth.

2 points

monkeys are so much better than panda bears because they are better killers and they are the next terminator. the panda would be no match for it it's to weak.

it would be calmer and and not a pice of shit like the panda bear.

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Winning Position: Superman
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