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RSS GiraffeGe

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1 point


No god didn't save the 3000 peoples lives but, it was there time to go! God has a time for you it could be in an hour or a week or a year or maybe 80 years from now but he has a time 4 you to go and it was the 3000 peoples time to go! and yes so many people die because they are starving but god isn't going to come down and say this to them " Here's $100 to get through the week!"

God cares about them but, we also need to help. Maybe give $40 a month etc...

Dude... It isn't that simple, but yes you can murder and steal and do bad things

But you have to repent to God and ask him for forgiveness and invite him into your life and live for him and then yes if you die you will go to heaven!

I really hope this gets through to you because the day of God/Jesus is coming!

1 point

Pet rats don't carry dieseases like rabies with them. I have no idea where you heard that from. And rats only stink if you don't clean out there cage enough.

2 points

He is real, people he is! Who do you think created the world?

2 points
MOST (The greatest sacrifice)..Must see!
-2 points
1 point

He is real! Sorry for all you people who don't think so but he is.

2 points

Yes. God created animals for companionship. They make great pets! But some countries (like America) have gone WAY over board and allowed monkeys and tigers to be kept as pets! Animals make great pets But we shouldn't go way over board!

1 point

There is life after death. You go to hell, if you believe in false gods and don't invite Jesus into your heart. Or you can go to heaven to be with god. All you have to do is invite god into your heart, and follow him. In the end you go to hell or heaven it is your call people! In the end follow Jesus with all your heart and you will go to heaven, follow false gods and don't invite god into your heart well... sorry but your going to hell!

2 points

This is the way of life people. As an animal lover i know how hard it can be to feed live animals to other animals, but this is how they survive! This is what they eat so... it is fine. BUT PEOPLE GROW UP! In the wild animals kill other animals and eat them.. if you don't like it then get rid off your pet!

2 points

Trust god in all you do. No matter what it seems like God IS REAL. The rest of the "gods" shouldn't be included as they are not real. People just created them because they were scared of being judged by God. But god doesn't judge you. TRUST HIM IN ALL YOU DO AND HE WILL DO GOOD

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Winning Position: Hell....Yes
Winning Position: No

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