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RSS Gizzard

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1 point

Why is a belief in science declining in right wingers, and ascending with the left?

For starters, the left believes there are 5,000 genders, that males are not faster and stronger than women and that the oceans are rising at alarming rates despite pictures from the early 1900s of famous ports showing the water in exactly the same place 121 years later.

Secondly, all of those experts the left censored and told us were crazy people, gave us a library of opinions that the left now accepts as gospel.

You aren't pro science. You're pro state. You're pro left. If they say it, you say it's science, even if you take the opposite position a week later. That isn't being "pro science". That's being a weak minded dickhead who needs a group of rich, white people to tell him what the science is this week, even though it will flip in a bait and switch next week.

1 point

Yes. You are using the non-specific terminology "gangs" to mislead the reader into believing all gangs are producing their own guns

Prove they aren't. Then prove right wingers aren't when I know they are.

2 points


I noticed that you're more stupid than a yogurt which is four days out of date

You're so stupid that you'll disarm yourself knowing the right won't. Evolution will end you for obvious reasons. You don't have the ability to continue.

1 point

You're stupid. Evolution will track you down in a heartbeat and paste you with reality.

1 point

You'll disarm yourself and the right won't. They'll come find your pathetic ass first.

1 point

They are creating them illegally anyway. You can't stop them from making guns. The group making the most unregistered guns aren't gangs, and they'll put a hole in your ilk first.

1 point

Wrong. You called me a libtard, which is threatening and abusive. I felt shooting you in your stupid fucking face was the only option available to me.

A great argument for us having guns huh dicktard?

1 point

How a College Student Used Facebook to Arm Chicago's Gangs 11/01/the-gun-king

1 point

The only liar here is you, as you have PROVEN by LYING about gangs "mass producing" their own guns.

Gangs produce their own guns. Care to tell us about that?

1 point

All I heard was you want the leftist state to use guns to get rid of guns. You might be a product of a lack of evolution. We'll put one in you. Get ready Adolf.

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