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RSS Goblin2

Reward Points:102
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2 points

I agree, capitalism is an "evil system"

Define "evil".

3 points

If Republicans hated Trump, he wouldn't have won the Presidency. You hate Trump. You can't tell us why, but you do. We, Republicans hate dumbasses who riot every time you turn around, claim to be victims while thinking they run everything which would make them victims of themselves, and try to block speech with violence to be tolerant.

-1 points

And then the libs in New York called the exact same scenario an emergency. God libs are dumb! 不不不不不不

0 points

You said something Hitlerian, and bronto didn't. How do you feel about agreeing with Hitler concerning Jews?

1 point

Your problem is that in this case, the FBI Director says Trump wasn't under investigation at the time of his firing. So, if there was no investigation going on, there was no investigation to obstruct.

His claim was that there was a "counter intelligence" investigation, and it just so happened that Trump was spied on per "counter intelligence". He also claimed nothing about Russian collusion was found in that "counter intelligence".

Meaning that Trump was technically never investigated during that time period, and nothing was found on him even per getting "caught in counter intelligence", thus, nothing to obstruct in the first place.

1 point

Which makes no sense in any way. Maybe you are intentionally sabotaging yourself into looking like a full blown dumbass.

1 point

Shut your idiot mouth Bronto. You gleefully ignore the fact that the Russians hacked Hillary's server

Show any evidence that Clinton's server was hacked by the Russians. Show us any evidence that Russia sent Clinton emails to wikileaks. email-server-report

1 point

Sill waiting for you to let us see the conversation about bronto's wife that you keep referencing. You don't show us when we request it, so it must be made up.

In other news, you live with your mom and have no job. You refuse to discuss that as well. Wonder why.

1 point

He should treat them with the same standards and energy as they treated him.

1 point

I would be interested in seeing what you are discussing. Could you provide us links to him talking about his wife so the rest of us can see? Thanks.

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