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RSS Godisall

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1 point

I couldn't possibly vote for him because I'm to young but if I could vote it wouldn't have been for him.

1 point

I based my facts on what goes on in are school and in are school students don't want a gay in the same locker room. Plain and simple

Please give me a link

0 points

This is how life works. The bigger party win's and the little party has to go. It's not right for the greater numbers in the locker room to feel uncomfortable just because a gay can't stop staring at people in the locker room.

1 point

You said "now" proof And now can the devil tempt or corrupt that which does not have either a soul or sentience.

How? I don't know how the devil does it, but I know the bible says the devil can.

Please let's not argue over a word. Please stay on subject

1 point

I told you how.

People can use Demonized in different ways. I use demonize has if I was saying possessed.

1 point

That's your opinion but thanks for sharing it. Have a good day :)

1 point

Yes, something can be demonized even if it doesn't have a soul. Tidy bear's can be demonized by someone's love for the bear and thinking it as if it had a soul. Example, People think animals have souls.

1 point

Animals can't sin because they don't have a soul but they are part of God creation that can be demonized by the devil to tempt or corrupt us.

2 points

You are evil. please stay away from me with your disgustingness. Please ask God for his forgiveness.

0 points

Homosexuality in other species has to do with the devil. Anything that is sinful is caused by the devil in animals species. Honestly there is a difference because we are human and they are not.

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