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RSS Gonga

Reward Points:79
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I’m assuming that by your levels of paranoia and stupidity, that you’re a conservatice, right?

Whats a conservatice

2 points

I agree that Donald Trump will win it again, even more this time.

Gonga(79) Clarified
1 point

So being Nom's puppet, do you enjoy his hand up your ass?

1 point

We shouldn't have global systems. Why do we need the Chinese and Russians on the same net as us? They can get their own.

1 point

The creator of fascism kept a medallion of Marx in his pocket. Think of the stupidity of a Marxist calling anyone a fascist.

1 point

The US lies about goddamned everything.

We are familiar with U.S. left wingers, yes.

It has built an entire culture on the principle of lying.


That's the fundamental basis of capitalism.

I'm doing well, thanks.

You can't tell your customer the truth that you've hiked your prices up so you can make a profit.

Federal law requires it. There are articles flooding the net on how to break a price hike to your customers.

Hence, the art of bullshit was developed.

The art of bullshit predates Capitalism, and it looks like you have perfected it. You didn't mention North Korea at all in a debate about North Korea. No surprise there.

1 point

Would finding out that we're NOT alone in the Universe be good news or bad?

By definition, Christians don't believe we are alone in the universe. Atheists are banking on them being wrong.

1 point

Trump has cleaned more waste from the ocean than Obama, and Obama allowed the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline with no rebuke despite Natives rioting. Then he turned the hoses on them.

As for the Asian families, libs are notorious for racism against Asians.

As for the thinking brain, you have no job and are mad that you have no money.

The capitalism pic is funny because the left is intentionally attempting to put the state at the top of that pyramid, and the capitalists on this site seem to be doing quite well.

0 points

And AFTER they come through the birth canal?? Like those that WERE "ripped away", like those born to poor mothers that have to choose between medicine and food for them? Are you willing to PAY for those medicines and that food for them?? Like those running to keep those "after birth canal" children from being forced to become gang members … or killed!

If your country or life is truly a shithole, stop having babies like rabbits.

Just pretend that some of them aren't black, or brown, or Muslim, or Central American "caravan members" and that THEY were once in the birth canal … and you'll feel better about it!

We like all of those people, when they come legally. If they were Russians, you'd have built the wall yourself for the exact same reason.

1 point

Good, then we should protect our boundries so we don't become a communist shithole, and no one has anywhere left to go.

Letting criminals, gangs and terrorists in without severe vetting is what a third world dictatorship would do. America protects its people of all colors from the above. That's who we are. That's what America is, a country worth protecting and preserving. It's a pity that you prefer trashing it like it's a dumpster and whining about foreign lives while murdering American children with not even a wince.

The exact same logic you apply to Russian foreigners, apply here, because you love your country enough to defend it.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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