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1 point

I find it to be by definition murder, and i have been raised this way, and now as i continue to grow my opinions, it is not just my parent's belief, but my own. I believe that under every circumstance, that abortion is morally wrong. (just because it's legal doesn't mean it isn't wrong)

0 points

I don't think school sucks, but i don't want it any longer, its good as it is.

1 point

Hey, i am a student and if i didn't have summer vacation, i just wouldn't last the year, no matter how much money i make from school bets, not matter how many pretty faces i see, if there was no light at the end of the tunnel... Why even school?

1 point

It is all very focused on what you call moral. If i say it is moral to murder, who is to say i am wrong, because all they could do is disagree, and to back that up they would have to use their own sense of morality. So in my opinion, the only answer you could post for this debate is opinion.

But based on my sense of morality, on average i would say t he average follower is more moral. (again based on my sense of morality)

2 points

I agree, not only is it a more efficient way of producing agriculture, but the chemicals that can be harmful to humans, are either in proportions to small to matter, or are taken of during the process of getting the produce from farms, to our tables.

1 point

Kate, love the intro, well put way to compare and contrast.

1 point

Well put, you were able to put all your reasoning out there very effectively.

1 point

I stand with Evanns on this, Margaret, you wrote that Jefferson didn't let things like race and gender get in the way of fighting for his people, but in my eyes it seems he did. An owner of more than 200 African American slaves, his view of equality relating to race seems hazy, I mean, can you trust the guy who SAYS it don't matter if your black or white, when you go to his house and you see him with his whip, putting some tough love into the backs of his slaves... yeah if I'm not so sure if that's equal or not, I'll just go ask the slaves. But besides that screaming controversy, he also seemed to favor a few (slaves) and set them free for an exceptional reason. That reason being they were his unlawful children, and were set loose at adulthood. So there is my reasoning for not trusting someone who keeps his children as slaves for part of their lives. Blatantly, Gradioactive Destroyer

1 point

Elisabeth, you said that you don't think we would all be farmers, but you never say why, you do just the opposite and state why it wouldn't be so bad if we WERE all farmers. Do you have any evidence that would support your belief that in Jeffersonian world we wouldn't all be farmers?

1 point

Grady Moyer

6th Period Gorman

I believe Alexander Hamilton had a more enduring vision of the United States of America, not only because Mr. Alex is better, butt because I think Mr. Tom is worse.

About January the eleventh 1755, Alexander Hamilton was born, early into his life he was already at the very bottom, a poor, rejected bastard, with nowhere to go but up. Alexander Hamilton was setting himself up for a first rate view of how to live the American dream. He was born ill-legitimately, so the church denied him schooling and membership. His school was the 42 books his family owned, which included Greek and Roman. Evan at such a young age "Alex" strove for the best and yearned for an education. At around 10 after his father had abandoned him and his mother imprisoned for adultery, Alex worked for his mother at her store, as clerk and bookkeeper. This gave him and early first-hand experience of finance and the value of money. Later on he also came to have a job as a clerk with the international trading firm of Nicholas Cruger, through his time as a clerk, Alexander Hamilton was fighting his way up the ladder.

His community saw his potential and sent him to North America to give him a good education. He began to attend kings college, and was just in time to witness rebellion and the Boston tea party. He searched around and did some research, and decided that Americas cause was justified, despite the loyalist school he attended. He then proceeded to publish his first writing, A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress, speaking of the reasoning for the continental congress Mr. Hamilton was carefully choosing which side he was on after "fact searching". His current impact is about nothing, but it was all put to a good use, as his past became a big part of his future, and future reasoning.

Mr. Hamilton was then involved in the revolutionary war, and at the start of the war, organized an weapons company and was chosen as its "captain". After the war he was selected for the Congress of the Confederation, he resigned to found The Bank of New York. He strongly disliked the articles of confederation because they had no executive, court, and taxing powers. As the secretary of the treasury, during 1790 and 1791, he put a revenue system based on customs duties and excise taxes. Hamilton's attack on the debt helped secure the confidence and respect of foreign nations. He also introduced plans for the First Bank of the United States, which was designed to be the financial agent of the Treasury Department. The Bank served as a depository for public funds and assisted the Government in its financial transactions. The First Bank issued paper currency, used to pay taxes and debts owed to the Federal Government, the dollar bill. He also designed the mint, but lost a debate to Thomas Jefferson, so the mints went to a federal level.

Over the course of a lifetime one man was able to bring a country a strong navy and army, a tax system, a debt solution, a national bank, the mint, a canal system, and a sound operating system for the treasury. He also took a stand against slavery, freedom, and tyranny, supported a diverse economy, and spread its popularity. (But not only that, he created the swagest political party ever, the Republicans!) That is why I believe Alexander Hamilton left a more enduring vision of America.


Winning Position: Smarties

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