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RSS GreatDispute

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You must be mental to think we just sat and cried because of the twin towers? Why do you think we pushed to war in Iraq, and the funny thing is Britain helped us, your mind tells you hate Americans but noone else gives two fucks what you think, get over it ,Britain doesn't sure as hell care, also if Americans never entered the war the outcome of casualties that Britain would have suffer, would be probably 2x as many deaths as it was, just stop crying that "America didn't need to be involved in the war" and Thank us, for Christ sake.

1 point

I have to agree with Sirius, the money it would take to afford the equiptment of the Chinese would be unbarable, trust me it is not easy making money it needs to be balanced. Another reason is China does not have any major Bases, Forts, Etc. around the Country for defence, the element of suprise is a major factor in war. We have major Air Fields and Naval bases in Japan for a reason, for any situations, the Chinese wouldn't be able to Counter-Attack in time. Another factor is the United Country's, a very big advantage because of the money that could be aided or Soldiers, Guns, and other Technology to back it up. Country's like, Great Britian, Germany, Poland, Austraila, France, Japan, Etc. that is why China wouldn't really have much of a chance. Also Chinese SATs won't be able to detect Northrop Grumman B-2 Stealth Bombers, Its capability to penetrate air defenses and threaten effective retaliation provides a strong, effective deterrent and combat force well into our century. It's a strong piece of technology, enough said.

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