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1 point

You are correct on several accounts. The Democrats fought a war to keep their slaves. The Democrats created the Klan and Jim Crow to control their slaves once they got loose. And now they created identity politics and long serving welfare to make sure their slaves serve the service of keeping them in power. We know what happens to a black person if they resist the Democrats. They get treated like subhumans. Nothing ever changed other than the method that the Democrats used to dominate and control black people.

1 point

Yeah... If we would just tax gasoline those evil Dems wouldn't have to TRACK us.

Wait - what??

That makes absolutely no sense in relationship to the topic. Gasoline is already taxed, and the fiscal numbers of how much any normal driver would pay in taxes to drive go up substantially if this passes, crushing the poor.

1 point

That's one way to look at it. Republicans look at it differently when it's convenient (and it usually is).

The Democrats in office don't deny they will do this.

Fact is, there's always a tax per mile.

You left out that this would increase the tax you pay for driving.

1 point

Can we EVER be a functioning muliti-cultural republic?

No. We can be multi racial but not multi cultural because different cultures have competing and opposite interests and goals. Communists know this and use propaganda in the West to bait the races against each other. In fact they are doing it now. There's a reason your media, companies, Hollywood, and most of D.C. can't utter a negative word towards China having millions of slaves. China writes their checks. And you'll do just as China commands them to tell you to do like the good little slave and mind bot that you are. You're the type that needs a daddy to tell him what to do, think and feel. Well, The Chinese Communist Party is willing to be your daddy, so it's a perfect match. They'll play the fair skinned god, and you'll play the dark skinned slave boy, just as you like it, apparently.

1 point

Would you be interesting in LEARNING exactly what systemic/institutional racism actually IS??? racism

Sure. Let's look at your link, and I quote:

YOUR LINK: Institutional racism, also known as systemic racism, is a form of racism that is embedded through laws and regulations within society or an organization.

And the Democrats, who run blue states and almost every big city make these laws and enforce them. Nice self own.

YOUR LINK: It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues. Institutional racism has harmful effects on people, especially on students in school where it is prominent.

So who do you think runs these businesses, big city courts, schools, and D.C. you blind ass mind slave?

1 point

Couple things... Systemic racism isn't you hating so and so because he's black.. It's racism that's BUILT in to our psyche. That means it doesn't matter who "controls" the system.. What's built in, is built in..

You can't "build in" things into a system you don't control take part in and are intentionally kept out of. I know common sense flies directly over your head, but hey, I gave it a go anyway.

It's clear from your post that you don't have a CLUE what systemic racism is..

Yes I do. It's when white Democrats control every city that black people reside in, and black people feel racism all around them despite little to no Republicans being present.

So, either you're one hell of a dumbass, or... Nahh.. I'll just stick with one hell of a dumbass..

I don't worship the people that enslaved me and lick their nutsack. That's you dipshit. Happy white, liberal ball licking day. Hey look, you got a present. It's your party saying your son has no right to speak because black men who disagree with them isn't allowed. Cue the white hoods. Now cue Excon to get on his knees and beg them for their scraps while begging for the white man's attention and approval in the streets. Black lives matter? What, the white libs didn't already know, so you had to make a sign twenty feet tall to remind them? Maybe if you dress as a dancing monkey, that'll get their attention. Jesus man. At what point do you grow a spine and some pride and pull the white golden crowned liberal's pecker out of your mouth and quit shining their shoes like a grown ass man?

2 points

True.. If you don't see it, it's cause you're not looking

The Democrats control the system, yet you defend them. So either you're one hell of a dumbass, or you're just evil and dishonest.

0 points

Systemic racism is real in the us

And the system is run by the Democrats.

0 points

People create weapons without you handing them out. Were you born a little retard, or did you learn to be a little retard?

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