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RSS GreenThing

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People create weapons without you handing them out. Were you born a little retard, or did you learn to be a little retard?

0 points

Faith versus Logic

I fully agree. Believing the state wants to and will support you in any substantive way takes an amount of faith that even Christians, Jews and Muslims do not have, and it obviously is not based in logic or reason.

-1 points

You'd think the Justices Trump picked for SCOTUS would vote to save him

This would be called "group think". Leftism is group think, so you assume anyone who isn't a leftist just blindly follows the herd as you do.

0 points

I was wrong. It happens occasionally.

You've had several major blunders just this week.

His entire life was dedicated to wiping out Communism. You are a stupid, ridiculously insane fascist moron.

Goebells said he was a Communist and praised Lenin. He was one of the few people Hitler wanted in his bunker with him in his last hours.

1 point

You lost the debate bro. That's why you haven't challenged any of the sources.

0 points

Meat processing plants across the US are closing due to the pandemic. Will consumers feel the impact?

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