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RSS Gremlin1

Reward Points:115
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This literally has nothing to do with the correlation between Chicago's strong gun laws and high gun death rates while gun friendly areas have low gun death rates.

1 point

Get out you utter retard. You are literally the most stupid person I have ever encountered in my life.

Riiiight. That's why you are afraid to debate me and hide behind bans.

1 point

The media was saying the flu was worse just weeks ago, and Left wing leaders are doing no better in the world. The only places getting creamed early are overrun by left wingers and led by left wingers.

Gremlin1(115) Clarified
-4 points
2 points

Is it not amazing how the left said Trump was Hitler and would get us into World War 3, yet, the Middle East and terrorism in the US has never been better in modern history

0 points

All you do all day and night is make false claims. It's boring, irritating,

Yet, here you are.

and it makes sane people want to punch you in the face.

Which would mean that you are mentally unstable and unwell, like Hitler.

Best thing you can hope for is a world where everybody is nuts. Then perhaps you could convince them it makes sense to keep voting for a child rapist who lies more often than Hitler.

But Jeremy Corbyn didn't win, and Bill Clinton can't run for President again.

Jeremy Corbyn, your pedophile god, turned out to be the least electable Labour candidate in the last century of British history.

1 point

especially given that you constantly bombard everybody who opposes you with hate speech

You call everyone that disagrees with you, including people on the left, Nazis, Fascists, fake Jews, idiot, etc. The list of leftist insults towards the right could be turned into a novel.

1 point

Yeah, having to debate Nazi fascists like you all day is very straining on a person's mental health

Then you are weak and the bottom of the food chain.

1 point

Yes. You should show these traits to all, and debate them with facts and data that disproves their claims.

1 point

God isn't promoting "good behavior". He promotes loyalty and order.

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