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RSS GrenachesTot

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The Democrats were full of shit again.

1 point

That time CNN admitted Collusion story was fake that libs pretend didn't happen That timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnt_happen

3 points

It depends on the disagreement. If one side are Communists, like in this case, and are intentionally destroying the country from the inside, it is a national emergency.

1 point

Sure you are. I'm laughing at how fat and useless you are. Who pays the bill on your device? Mommy?

0 points

The Mueller investigation: WHO is doing WHAT to WHO?

It looks to me like Trump's team is way out in front. I say this based on the fact that the leakers early kept making the media look foolish with fake leaks, then went to prison. This indicates that the leakers were intentionally being intrapped wth fake intel to weed out the leakers. That stretch where the media kept having to retract stories was funny though.

2 points

I would play in a checkers match because the games go faster.

2 points

I enter the debate, and the Commies are afraid to play checkers.

1 point

Who Had The Stronger Economy: Trump Or Hitler?

Merkel's economy is greater than Hitler's. Trump's is greater than Merkel's.

Merkel's GDP

3.677 trillion USD

Trump's GDP

21 trillion

0 points

Nom is comparable to a beatle on its back trying to flip over. You feel sorry for it kind of, but you know that if you flip it over, it'll flip right back over on its back, legs kicking in desperation.

1 point

Why is it the press's job to debate anything? They are supposed to be objective agents of the news. "A group of 10,000 illegals headed our way shouldn't be called an invasion" is not being an objective agent of the news. It's Marxist activism.

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