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2 points

Ummmmm….what happens when someone's first argument makes you change your mind on a challenge debate? :P

1 point

1. It's spanish, although Mexican spanish is different than spanish from other places.

2. American is a very generic term. It includes canada, the U.S., central america, and south america.

Assuming you are talking about the U.S., and are saying that they should all speak spanish, NO. The spanish speakers who are immigrating here need to learn to speak english. Just like if you immigrated to a spanish speaking country, you couldn't expect them all to learn english for you. You would need to learn spanish.

1 point

HOW did you type such a short one? Spaces? This won't let ME type a bunch of spaces!

1 point

It is sooo annoying. Sometimes a question only takes a REALLY short answer, and you just have to sit and type random stuff.

1 point

Have you read your bible lately? It doesn't even mention islam.

3 points

1. Books don't ruin your eyes like TV. does.

2. Books allow your brain to imagine rather than doing it for you.

3. Reading books a lot can help you with spelling.

4. Reading books a lot can help you write better.

5. Reading books teaches you to read. Watching TV. doesn't

1 point

I like herbal tea. Especially "sleepy time" Yum! That stuff is good. I don't like coffee. I don't think it tastes good. It's nasty.

1 point

Just because there are some irresponsible teenage drivers doesn't mean that all teenage drivers are irresponsible. People tend to forget that people will rise to your expectations. If you expect them to be irresponsible, they just might be, but if you expect them to be responsible, they are more than likely to rise to that expectation.

If the driving age was 18, then parents would have to drive their kids to school for longer, which is way less convenient then allowing them to have their license. There are also some people who are attending college by the age of 17, so it would be extremely inconvenient to not have a license until a year later.

1 point

Seeds, snorkel gear, and a salt-water-filter.

(The minimum argument length is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.)

1 point

For extra long distances, airplanes are safer, plus if you are going somewhere like south america, you don't have to cross the Mexican border by car, or deal with drug lords. There are more car accidents than plane accidents, and there are also more deaths by car accidents than by plane accidents. Planes are also much faster, so if you want to go somewhere far away, you can spend more times there than you do traveling, which is always nice, unless you just want a road trip. Cars can be nice because you can always just get out and make lunch/dinner/breakfast or go to a restaurant, but then again, airports have food, and there is a lot of food that you can actually bring onto an airplane with you. Other than airsickness and the effects of air pressure on the ears, flying in airplanes is, in my opinion, fun. I enjoy the feeling of getting off the ground, and I even like turbulence in moderation. As far as packing is concerned, I must admit that I prefer cars, since you don't have to worry about what you pack in what luggage. You want a knife? No problem. No TSA will take it if you're in a car. On the other hand, though, you can always pack it in your checked luggage, and the TSA won't give you any trouble, and sometimes, they can ship it ahead for you. While airplane's leg room isn't usually optimal, you can always get up and walk up and down the aisle in the middle of you flight. And, you have a chauffeur, AKA pilot. Oh, and by the way, if you are ever bored in an airport and feel like being random, salute to the pilots when you walk by them. Most of them have been in the air force, and they really appreciate it.

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