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1 point

You aren’t that different from those who fail. Your situation might be worse because you don’t see it. You have just enough to pretend to be happy and feel like you are making progress. When in reality you aren’t. I will always be heaps richer than you are and no matter how much you try you won’t reach me. Do you want to know why? Because you still think this game is fair. and that the success comes through hard work and positive attitude. It isn’t. It is about stepping on others and making sure they stay down. It is not in my interest that men like you get rich. Who else will I have to protect me from the lower repressed classes who want my head cut off?

1 point

Let me rephrase your argument:

The Americans invaded Palestine. The US = Israel. The US has only brought war and death in Palestine.

1 point

We just don’t want federal holidays for white men. They have enough.

1 point

Both sides are stupid but I do want to bring up something that might be an issue very soon.

What about the people who identify as non binary?

Originally, the purpose of separating biological men and women in sports was to assure that each person gets to play in the «  corresponding » physical category.

We all know that there are women with similar physical strength as certain men and inversely.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to categorize sports by muscle mass (for example) or some other physical indicator that takes out gender in sports.

2 points

I’m intrigued by the reasoning behind math being racist. Someone please amuse me.

2 points

There are much bigger chances that the 7 armed men will end up shooting each other.

1 point

Of course men would say « women should fight back ». Of they would say «well, if it were me I would fight back ».

God. This is why men don’t live very long... Because they think with their freakin’ dick.

Gypsee(347) Clarified
2 points

Wow I thought you were done! I think I will end this here because I feel like I am arguing with a bad lawyer.

I mistakenly embarked on this ship hoping we will discuss the nuances of the law and its many contradictions on the subject of gun ownership, right to self-defense and where the police (government) stands in all of this. But you just keep stating the obvious. It’s ok. I thank you for taking the time to answer me.

Good day

1 point

Which of course is silly because by arming people you only create an increased need for self-defence which wouldn't be there otherwise.


Many Americans who spend a lot of time abroad (especially in Europe) eventually reach the point where they no longer understand the United States and have no desire to return there.

I never understood the US... I never felt like it is the country I should live in. I do not hold a lot of its values. I have lived in Europe. I didn’t stay because I didn’t feel it either. But yes, definitely don’t see myself living in the US anymore.

3 points

There have been cases where a person shooting at cops plead self defense and eventually won. The only way to do that is if you can show you had no way of knowing it was a cop. The idea being that the officer is trying to effect an arrest, which they have the authority to do and you can fight it in court.

The fact that the person is or isn’t a cop shouldn’t be a condition to whether your self-defense is valid or not. But as you stated, if you can demonstrate you be don’t know the person was a cop you can legally shoot.

My point stands though: the US presents as a land where self-defense is a natural right and that through the right to bear arms, that right is protected. But you still can’t shoot a cop when a cop can shoot you. so we are all born with the right to self defense.... except when the threat is presented by a cop. In that case your right to self defense is taken away?

Did you leave the US for another country? Or are you a Sovereign Citizen within the geographic borders of the US? If you're in another country, do you like those people more?

Haha, I left the US as a law abiding citizen. I left to live in another country. The truth it took me 10 years. I lived in 2 counties before being where I am now.

The country I live in now has many flaws and its share of idiots ( like all places) but the people fundamentally have less hate in their hearts.

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