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RSS Gypsee

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1 point

If I were to choose one characteristic that indicates a good quality of life is life expectancy.

A country with a high life expectancy has great life quality.

Unfortunately, there are socialist counties with low life expectancy (Cuba) and capitalist countries with low life expectancy (US). So the economic system doesn’t seem to solely be an indicator of good quality of life.

Quality of life depends on a country’s social system. For example, good healthcare systems tend increase a country’s life expectancy.

1 point

How is a black president supposed to help poor African Americans?

It can maybe inspire young African Americans. But Obama isn't someone Every African American can identify with. First off: he isn't African American. He is African AND American. He is mixed race. I hope that you understand the difference. His father was African and his mother was American. African Americans are not African. Just like white Americans aren't European even if they have European descent.

Second, Obama wasn't poor and had very educated parents. His father was Harvard alumni. These are things that make the path to becoming a successful citizen more possible.

1 point

And why don't black females in the same poverty commit these crimes?

Women in general commit less crimes...No matter the racial group.

And why is that?

Why do poor people commit more crimes or why are minorities like African Americans poor?

Gypsee(261) Clarified
1 point

Just out of curiosity, if there were such a weapon, would you encourage that to a gun ?

Gypsee(261) Clarified
1 point

You misunderstood my point. I am not arguing against self defense. Obviously, if I am attacked I will use what I have protect myself. My question was why a gun ? I asked FromWithin why use a weapon that kills to protect yourself?

Gypsee(261) Clarified
1 point

Why is it that we have to use a FATAL weapon to defend ourselves? Can't we use a weapon that just knock out the attacker?

1 point

It is quite difficult to respond to this because you are basically asking me to trust your gut feeling about this.

0 points

Gender is not biological; it is psychological. So gender will never be in biology books.

Just as there is a variety of personalities, there is a variety of genders. It's all psychology. What is so absurd about that ?

1 point

Trump doesn't care about Israel . The only side he is on is the one that is making America great again. I'm ready to bet that Trump doesn't even know the history of Jerusalem.

The only reason he did this was to strengthen our hold on all the nuclear power Israel possesses. Its ideal placement next to Middle East will allow us to make oil "negotiations" more convincing.

We could have sucked up to Israel without rubbing our bony American ass in Jerusalem. There are so many problems ( including our own ) in this world and we chose to fart on an already blazing fire.

His act was a true fart. USELESS. Even if I am wrong about the true intentions behind this action, the Palestine / Israel problem causes violence and hate in the heart of brothers. This is what we do! We open our big mouth in the name justice and democracy and freedom and other American bullcrap without even thinking of the consequences that matter. Children, innocent women and men who just want to live their lives peacefully are further pulled away from a peaceful solution because of us. Of course we don't care! Americans will not be the ones touched by fear in the end. I find it disgusting and embarrassing because do you know who will suffer the most in the end ??? Israel and Palestine. America's actions will have minor consequences on Americans ( except maybe lowering our oil prices and allow us to continue selling weapons to Israel).

Gypsee(261) Clarified
2 points

Are you suggesting that common behaviors are automatically just or legal? That doesn't sound right.

I am not suggesting anymore than what I wrote. The fact that it is regularly done makes it not uncommon.

What I do believe is that the same way we, the people, established limits to our freedom of speech, we could establish limits to our freedom to defend ourselves.

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