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RSS Hadrian

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1 point

Back in traditional times there was a elderly teacher in China that used to fall asleep mid-day during class. One day, after he awoke, a student asked him why he was sleeping in class.

"I'm not sleeping. I'm in meditation and communing with the ancestors."

One day, a student suggested to the other students that they also nap when the teacher did. Upon awaking, and seeing the children all asleep, the teacher was outraged.

He shouted them awake with the question, "How dare you sleep in my classroom."

The student who was the ringleader spoke up. "Oh, we were not sleeping. We were meditating and communing with the ancestors."

The teacher was taken aback, and asked, "What did they have to say."

"Well, we asked them about your visits, but they said they have never met you," replied the student.

I think of that story anytime someone claims to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

1 point

I know, I know. Either we sell our soul to god or he will give us a world and an eternity of hurt.

Dude is running a protection racket if you ask me!

1 point

"But no one makes a islamic woman take of her head dress in public"

An Islamic woman is not a piece of property, much less government owned property. You honestly don't know the difference between a government building, at which no religion can be endorsed, and a private individual of faith?

"christian students can be arrested for having a bible in class."

Prove it. Provide one piece of evidence from a reliable source this has ever happened. I doubt it has.

But, again, you can not distinguish between a government owned building, in this case a school, and people with certain cultural customs.

Also, its not a matter of "being offended", it's a matter of religious symbols or objects on government owned property.

Three strikes and you are out of the game. Sorry, but them's the rules. :)

4 points

A parent has the right to teach his or her children their ethical beliefs and their understanding of religion. Atheists have no awareness of the existence of God; some actively deny the existence of any deity. As an atheist parent has said about the Pledge of Allegiance, "Every day at school, my child is asked to say that her father is a liar."

Imagine you are a child who is forced to make the choice to recite Pledge of Allegiance or be belittled, harassed, insulted, and assaulted.

Imagine that you are a Jewish student. You are asked to reciting a pledge that an Atheist -- a person who has no belief in the existence of a God -- wrote: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation, without God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Imagine that you are a Christian, and you were forced to read a pledge written by an Wiccan -- a person who follows an earth-centered religion, and believes in the existence of a God and a Goddess: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation, under the God and Goddess, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

"That is the situation today for millions of Americans who do not believe they are 'under' God. Some find God within their own hearts. Others believe they are part of -- not under -- a sacred universe. Still others do not believe in God at all. Yet every day the religious beliefs of these patriotic Americans are violated by our government in schools, in public meetings...anywhere the Pledge Of Allegiance is led and spoken."

1 point

"Where do you find all of these videos?"

Why, on YouTube, of course!

Now, if you are asking how, well, that I can't tell you. I follow an process of exploring ideas without noting exactly the paths it takes me on. One source of raw material is the over 100 sources of news and commentary on diverse topics that I follow on RSS feeds.

1 point

..............Rape Fables, Loud Noises and Denim Shirts: The Video................

Target: Women
1 point

My understanding is that you used to be funny. :) That is a plus, even if you did spam the site with debates in a brazen effort to scam points. Your point total now is kind of like someone who has had too much plastic surgery -- they thought they would look hot but are now a pretty much a freaky monster. But that's just my opinion.

But no, you still are funny and I'm just giving you a hard time.

1 point

I think you pretty much nailed it. Of course, we get lots of that here, but no one is as proficient at generating non-debates as the Terminator. You might even suspect that he is doing it in the pointless pursuit of points.

Then again, mine don't get a lot of play either, but at least I try to make mine funny.

But no, don't leave CreateDebate. Just have the much needed realization, despite your rationalization behind your prolific posting of non-debate topics, that quality is better than quantity.

1 point

If they wanted people to speed, they'd get rid of the bumps!

Killer speed speed bumps
1 point



[t][r][u][e] [t][r][u][e]



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