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1 point

Excon's brain at work

3.2% unemployment, high job participation rate, $1.30 gas, energy independence, and "MAGA steaks" = bad

Taking money from the CCP and helping move American manufacturing to China while funding deadly virus production in Wuhan, not to mention $5 gas, empty shelves, and skyrocketing inflation = good because someone slapped a "D" on it.

2 points

To justify a past BIG mistake

There are black and brown countries that still have slaves. The Democrats aren't interested.

1 point

Do you have free speech rights on my property?

Yes. I can be walking in your yard or be in your car and call you anything I want. Are you planning to kill the next person who practices free speech in your vehicle or something?

1 point

Nah. Some scams are pretty good. I once worked for a company, and the email was from my boss. Only it wasn't my boss. It had his email address, but the only difference was a period subtly placed into the email adress. I was lucky that my boss's office was 20 feet away, so I just walked over and asked him about it. Not many people check for a small dot in their boss's email, and not many people ignore commands from their boss, so every single person other than me got hit. If 553 of 554 employees would fall for it, it's a pretty clever scam.

1 point

I'm a lib. I believe in free speech. To suggest that people like me DON'T

When you create no argument and use the term "stupid, stupid, stupid," it makes you sound like a child or mentally handicapped person.

1 point

BUUUUUT, you LOVE the opinion talkers on FOX News, like Sean Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Gregg, Asman, Maria, and more, MUCH more.

Fox News didn't avoid the Hunter Biden story for 2 years. They covered it the day the story broke on the New York Post. They didn't call it Russian disinformation. Instead, they told you where the laptop was discovered, what was on it and how to see what was on it for yourself. CNN tried to cover it up. Most media did the same. Perhaps it'd be a good thing for you to look into other sources for your news.

1 point

You owe no one, but if you cower, you aren't hidden from the response, ridicule and/or consequences of your lack of ability to defend Democrat logic.

1 point

Are you talking to yourself with the crack pipe in your hand again there fake liberal?

1 point

Pretending like you support Democrats because they promote liberal principles when they no longer do is stupid, stupid, stupid.

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