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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Who's gonna be around in 2022, the UNVACCINATED party or the VACCINATED party?

The mortality rate was .001 percent before the vaccine, and most Republicans have been vaccinated, so the question answers itself. You gonna keep telling yourself that a .001 percent mortality rate is the plague? Go ahead man. It's your American right to live in fear and hide while the rest of us live our lives and never die. At some point, you'd think you'd see the mortality rate and take off the foil hat, but that's your business bro. No one can make you leave the nuclear bomb shelter. Just make sure you keep plenty of food and water down there with you.

1 point

Everything. Including (And especially), hiring the best people ;-) most of whom havn't been arrested.

In other words, forget that he has done nothing better than Trump, has been far inferior to Trump, and here, let me deflect to some unrelated bs because an attack on something unrelated to my quality of life is the best I can come up with. Fair enough. I couldn't come with anything he's done better either.

1 point

WORDS matter, but apparently NOT to you..

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha...

I'd fully exit from any real response as well if I knew I was lying and that I had no logical standing behind my argument. You're the dick who'll call a bunch of white cops if a black man shows up on your doorstep while secretly hoping they shoot his ass. But let's get back on topic. Not only did Democrats get 3 Pinnochios for lying, but you, who barfed out the same lie, got 3 Pinnochios as well. And from a left wing rag, so I assume it was more like 50 Pinnochios. 5 for lying, and 45 for being a fake piece of shit and an evil, Communist worshipping zoo animal who is the tail of the donkey rather than the head.

How stupid do you have to be to fight Communists then turn around and give them nonstop handjobs? Maybe I can interview you to shed some light on the issue of jerking off Communist the "right way".

1 point

What she SAID was that Hitler was right about HOW to indoctrinate children.. And, he was..

Good to know the left is not only indoctrinating children, but sees Hitler as the example of how to indoctrinate, seeing he indoctrinated hate and Aryan supremacy.

He was ALSO right about how to put his pants on.

False equivalency.

NEITHER of those IMPLY that Democrats, or even THIS Democrat, are Nazis..

It implies that a man who taught hate, narking on your parents for not being Nazis, and taught children that anyone opposing the state was evil, indoctrinated the "right way".


You're right. You should have selected yours better.

1 point

In 1970, American was 70% white. In 2021 we're verging on becoming 50% white.. The trend is clear.. White people WILL become a minority in the US.

MLK says judge by the content of their character and not by the color of the skin, so what does the Democratic Party do? Mention skin color every 5 seconds, and determine your worth by your skin pigmentation while being obsessed with racial demographics.

Are there powerful forces at work to prevent that from ever happening?


Who are they?

The Illuminati.

What are they doing?

Harvesting space aliens in secret labs at Area 51.

And, finally, can our democracy survive a seismic event such as this?

It'll be dead long before then. Your party thinks a nation won't collapse if you start baiting the races against each other, shut down the country for a couple of years, and begin censoring 3/4 of the country because most Democrats have the minds of children. That's why educated white Democrat Communists targeted you guys to become their slaves. The uneducated are easier to control and use as pawns to destroy their enemy nations from within. By the way, according to Communist literature, minorities will be lined up against the wall and shot first because "they're too dangerous to allow to live". There's quite a bit of irony in the fact that those you worship were bold enough to put into writing what they think of you, and yet you hand them the shovel to dig your grave. I'm about half tempted to stop resisting the left just to see the stupid, confused look on your face when they put the gun to your back giving you a poke towards the wall with the rest of the nonWhites/nonAsians.

0 points

And if the Republicans had gotten their way, neither would Trump.

If you want video of Multiple Republicans calling for him to give up, just say the word.

You are quick to forget that most of the party supported his absolutely baseless claims of election fraud

There are multiple, blatant evidences of voter fraud. If you want them, just say the word.

in a gambit for ultimate authority and power, which eventually -- thank goodness -- failed.

Authoritarians tell you you can't open up your businesses, wear a mask or else, stay in your home, and taze you for going to the beach or to your kid's baseball game. In fact, Trump did none of that, then left the White House the very day he was supposed to. Are you sure you know whatauthoritarianism actually looks like or is?

2 points

Democratic Fascism only implements the positive parts of Fascism. Why are you pretending they are the same thing?

1 point

The alternative was a fascist

Examples needed.

who literally tried to overthrow the democratic system and replace it with his own dictatorship

Examples needed.

0 points

No they don't, you boring little liar. You can't make a dramatic claim about "the world leaders promoting Communism and socialism" and then offer us nothing in support of that claim except the net worth of one single person

That looks like it was her point. Only one person has wealth in Communism. Gullable nitwits like yourself are just tools to make themselves the .001%. I'm sorry that you fell for it and got tricked.

1 point

Rusticus is your alt account. I know because I am both you and Rusticus.

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