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0 points

And if the Republicans had gotten their way, neither would Trump.

If you want video of Multiple Republicans calling for him to give up, just say the word.

You are quick to forget that most of the party supported his absolutely baseless claims of election fraud

There are multiple, blatant evidences of voter fraud. If you want them, just say the word.

in a gambit for ultimate authority and power, which eventually -- thank goodness -- failed.

Authoritarians tell you you can't open up your businesses, wear a mask or else, stay in your home, and taze you for going to the beach or to your kid's baseball game. In fact, Trump did none of that, then left the White House the very day he was supposed to. Are you sure you know whatauthoritarianism actually looks like or is?

2 points

Democratic Fascism only implements the positive parts of Fascism. Why are you pretending they are the same thing?

1 point

The alternative was a fascist

Examples needed.

who literally tried to overthrow the democratic system and replace it with his own dictatorship

Examples needed.

0 points

No they don't, you boring little liar. You can't make a dramatic claim about "the world leaders promoting Communism and socialism" and then offer us nothing in support of that claim except the net worth of one single person

That looks like it was her point. Only one person has wealth in Communism. Gullable nitwits like yourself are just tools to make themselves the .001%. I'm sorry that you fell for it and got tricked.

1 point

Rusticus is your alt account. I know because I am both you and Rusticus.

1 point

In both cases we are talking about an abnormal attraction which is taking place somewhere in the brain.

You have this abnormal attraction to Dermot, Miocene, and Highfalutin.

1 point

Conservatives get censored on social media, so they need a movement to defend them.

2 points

Seems to me like those "fake" polls benefited Trump more than Clinton.. Why would you want to change that?

I wouldn't. They should keep up the poor work.

Since that fact is painfully obvious, my sense is you BELIEVE the present polls, and that's why you're complaining..

I'm pointing out before the fact, so that when you see the election results, you see even more-so just how fake what those melding your beliefs about the world and the President are.

1 point

Nahhh.. It's your right wing website that tells you that.

Libs understand that pedophilia involves a minor who is legally and morally UNABLE to consent..

Step away from the FOX News.. It's rotting your brain.

4 points

It won't be long before we see Trump's hillbilly cultists dying after going to his Super Spreader events.

I'd ask you to discuss giant protests as super spreader events, but I know your an unprincipled chicken shit.

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