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1 point

Rusticus is your alt account. I know because I am both you and Rusticus.

1 point

In both cases we are talking about an abnormal attraction which is taking place somewhere in the brain.

You have this abnormal attraction to Dermot, Miocene, and Highfalutin.

1 point

Conservatives get censored on social media, so they need a movement to defend them.

2 points

Seems to me like those "fake" polls benefited Trump more than Clinton.. Why would you want to change that?

I wouldn't. They should keep up the poor work.

Since that fact is painfully obvious, my sense is you BELIEVE the present polls, and that's why you're complaining..

I'm pointing out before the fact, so that when you see the election results, you see even more-so just how fake what those melding your beliefs about the world and the President are.

1 point

Nahhh.. It's your right wing website that tells you that.

Libs understand that pedophilia involves a minor who is legally and morally UNABLE to consent..

Step away from the FOX News.. It's rotting your brain.

4 points

It won't be long before we see Trump's hillbilly cultists dying after going to his Super Spreader events.

I'd ask you to discuss giant protests as super spreader events, but I know your an unprincipled chicken shit.

2 points

GOP aghast as Trump's polls sink amid divisive racial rhetoric

He's polling higher than when he was elected.

1 point

When this subject comes up I always think of how THE DONALD used to attack attack attack Obama whenever Obama went golfing. Of course the LIAR in Chief golfs far more than Obama ever did and at MUCH greater expense than Obama ever incurred. Not even close. Anybody who doesn't acknowledge the blatant hypocrisy is a turd.

Ooooooo. You convinced me. Trump has been a hypocrite at some point in his entire life. Let's scrap Capitalism and become a Communist nation tomorrow.

Not gonna happen dude. No one votes because a politician somewhere lied or was a hypocrite somewhere. They vote based on policies, and the left's policies are objectively trash created by the minds of mental midgets. Who wants to vote for a party willing to sacrifice their own cities to mindless nutjobs while arresting mothers for the cardinal sin of taking their kid to the god damned park?

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