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1 point

You KNOW Bill Barr said Trumps claims of a stolen election are BULLSHIT.. You KNOW Ivanka said she BELIEVES Bill Barr..

We care as much as you did when it was proven that Joe and Hillary were guilty of actual crimes. In other words, no one gives a shit as the Dems' approval continues downward in a death spiral. All we see is a desperate party scratching and clawing at any way to twist and lie to stay in power. They're fucked.

1 point

We know Pelosi let them in. The only way she would have, would be if they worked for her party. Not surprisingly, you provided no source in the first place, so it's moot.

1 point

So anyway, you are Excon, and you are Excon's racist avatar. Excon is so not racist that he created you so that he could say racist things. And that's why you're called the party of the Klan. Lift the sheet, and there you are.

1 point

You only LIE because you KNOW the truth EXPOSES YOU as a racist prick

Seeing you and Nowich are the same person, and Norwich says racist things all of the time, that means you say racist things as Norwich every day. You are also mad that a black man named Herschal Walker might win a Senate seat. What is your point?

1 point

If you want to know how we know you're Excon, it's by how you capitalize words of emphasis (no one else does that), that you use the term "imbecile" (no one else uses it), and the fact that Excon has answered as if he were you for you. It's also that from time to time you slip up and say something as Excon while under your Norwich name.

1 point

The media hammering home diversity in both parties won't get Democrats elected or help their narrative. In fact, they've tried to stop a unified and party diverse America from happening. They don't want diversity. They want power and someone to blame as their boogeyman. Black Republican voices is their Achilles Heel, and it's got them back on their heels. Soon they'll have to come up with a new group to blame, probably the Jews.

2 points

Here's what he forsakes challenging in his argument. "The people" is clearly a term used to describe the population and not an official military unit of any kind.

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

2 points

He left out the part where it says "the people" while trying to convince us what a regulated militia is or isn't. The people is clearly us and was interpreted as such from the writing of the Constitution up until the day the Democrats decided to go after peoples' guns in recent history. That's why everyone had guns in their house in 1776, 1850, 1900, 1950, etc.

1 point

Excon's brain at work

3.2% unemployment, high job participation rate, $1.30 gas, energy independence, and "MAGA steaks" = bad

Taking money from the CCP and helping move American manufacturing to China while funding deadly virus production in Wuhan, not to mention $5 gas, empty shelves, and skyrocketing inflation = good because someone slapped a "D" on it.

2 points

To justify a past BIG mistake

There are black and brown countries that still have slaves. The Democrats aren't interested.

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