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RSS Hammerhead

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1 point

When they look out upon the populace, they don't see CITIZENS. They see criminals who haven't yet been caught.

And criminals don't look at cops and see citizens. They see people in their way of committing crimes. Why is that never your take in even one, single instance?

1 point

All I'm saying, is that strict enforcement of the tax code would MORE than pay for itself..

The government just passed a bill for $1.7 trillion dollars that not one of them has read, and you're worried about whether Joe Blow might have gotten away with not paying ten bucks on his taxes. Jesus fucking Christ.

1 point

That they're in denial, can only mean they deny the efficacy of the vaccine.. I wonder if they'll deny that.

COVID appeared, and the flu disappeared for a year. You believe it vanished for a year? Yep, your stupid ass thinks the common flu vanished off of the god damned planet for an entire year as billionaire pharmaceuticals racked up more cash than anyone in human history by coincidence.

2 points

Statistics ain't your long suit, huh?

Aren't you the moron that has been shown London statistics where they illegalized guns, gun deaths went down, but murders with knives went up to such an extent that murders overall went up by over 200%? Yeah, you are that mother fucker.

2 points

Just, how in the fuck would the state MAKE SURE everybody is given a copy?? Do you know just how fucking STUPID that is??

They just spent $1.7 trillion on a bill none of them read, so they could easily print us each a copy and pass them out at a public place. What, a billion dollars to get us a copy is too much? Get the fuck outta here.

1 point

They're SHORT, easy to understand, and don't use any big words.. They tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about your interactions with government.

And they tell me to grab a gun.

1 point

You and the Democrats wanted to see those tax returns, so show us what spooky bullshit was in them. Everything I've seen shows that there's nothing in them that is abnormal for a multi millionaire or billionaire. Come on there Pinnochio. You told us there was something sinister in them, so where's it at?

1 point

None of that is a crime, and massive business losses are common to all billionaires. The Democrats said there were crimes in there, which was their claim for why they must see them.

1 point

Atheists have killed more than all religions combined, and the religion of Wokeness is a mind virus for the mentally handicapped.

1 point

It is absolutely hypothetical and improbable. However it's better to answer these questions before somebody gets shot, rather than after..

You watch the cops on YouTube.. Me too. It doesn't look so improbable after viewing those videos..

So you think the cops are going around shooting people all while thinking those same people shouldn't have the right to a gun to defend themselves? Jesus Christ man. How fucking dumb are you?

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