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RSS Hannibal

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1 point

I voted for Hillary last time and I don;t even like her.

Good thing we voted against you huh? Name one good thing Trump has accomplished that you think Hillary would have accomplished & why.

2 points

If I said "personal responsibility", I would mean supporting yourself & owning your mistakes as an individual.

1 point

If conservatives believe in "personal responsibility", how do they explain Trump being supported by the Republican Party?

What does this have to do with personal responsibility

1 point

It is a disguise for the assertion that circumstances do not shape who we are or the decisions we make, which rationalises the subsequent conclusion that everybody should be equally accountable

Being a part of a species causes us to be the way we are. Liberals want our speciation and Darwinian instincts suppressed & replaced with brainwashing, just like when people train dogs to obey rather than be what a dog is.

2 points

I will hide inside of & burst out of said turkey like an alien and sing "Hello my Darlin" to your son. Right before I bend him over & feed him some big fat goat surprise.

1 point

Quit saying baaaaaaaad things or I will call rank on you & send you to baaaaaad person prison.

Now be a good boy & shove your face in my crotch and suckle me like a baby bottle.

1 point

Because it was a war based on nothing & a great way to guarantee death. Is it not odd that none of our past several Presidents have been in war, yet the left careth not?

Secondly, the left hated the Vietnam War, yet condemns Trump as a kid & a liberal for not jumping to fight in a war that Liberals were protesting???? Hypocrisy from the left at its finest.

Thirdly, Obama and Clinton didn't sign up for anything involving the military & the left doesn't care at all. Hmmmmm........

1 point

That's NomSense. Quit saying NomSensical things you jagaloon.

1 point

Is this why so many Americans are racists

Louis Farrakhan, who said he liked being called Hitler & that Hitler was a good man, supported Obama & was a left winger.

It's bewildering how many brown or black skinned Democrats say things that are Hitler level, all while liberals just act like they didn't say anything & then ask for their supporters' votes.

0 points

People have advertised in non capitalist societies for thousands of years. You are wrong yet again. Now apologize to everyone for being wrong you antisemitic, racist Nazi, Louis Farrakhan supporting wanker.

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