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RSS HappyCat

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Now you're a damn Communist.

Hello again, idiot:

Look.. We don't agree about ANYTHING. Therefore, it should be EASY to post shit about what I ACTUALLY believe

Looks like you couldn't condemn Communists, so the post you replied to was fully correct. Would you like to condemn them now, given a second chance?

1 point


It's almost sickening to watch the left weaponize the FBI, arrest Republicans, do raids on Republicans, censor speech, and mandate the populace take shots and wear masks while you make a Nazi reference to the right while they support limited government. God you're sick.

1 point

is based on her book I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz.

Why would the right, who wants everyone to be armed to protect themselves from the government and refuses to mandate masks or vaccines replay the authoritarian State worshipping psychopathy of a World War 2 Socialist? You only get Hitler from state worship and giving it more and more power. AKA the left. AKA you.

1 point

they oughta tell Putin to STOP destroying them in Ukraine

Putin is an example of left wing politics gone bad. He's a leftist, and American leftists think Communists and Socialists are wonderful, so you tell him big boy. He's one of your kind, not ours.

1 point

WHY we elected Joe Biden.. For the past month, the 1/6 congressional committee has produced around 8 hours of video explaining WHY we did it.

Jan 6th happened after you elected Biden, so that can't possibly be your reason you lying dumbass. If you're gonna lie, at least get your timeline right and come up with something that can't be disproven in 5 seconds.

1 point

Compared to WHO?? Would you rather have an imbecile or a traitor as your pres??

Biden is both of those things, so I'd take the affordable gasoline and food.

1 point

Do it again, and see what happens. Fuck your cops. Fuck your insurance.. Fuck your buildings. Fuck your police departments. Fuck 'em all.

I like how Democrat police departments in Democrat cities, controlled by Democrat mayors are "the right", and how buildings in Portland and Seattle somehow are "right wing buildings". Fuck you you ignorant, lying piece of shit. You ran from their policies and now are too big of a chicken shit to live under their roof and their rules. Fuck you again.

3 points

Trump supporters love Russia and Putin while hating Ukraine.

I know no conservatives who love Russia. Nor do I know any Conservatives who hate Ukraine. The left just made it up, and is now pretending that the right didn't warn them about Russia for years while they laughed it off. in-2012-mitt-romney-was-mocked-for-seeing-russia-as-a-threat-he-didnt-forget/?amp=1

2 points

Biden has provided billions of dollars to Ukraine.

What an argument. Biden sends billions to Ukraine, NATO does nothing, Ukraine gets bombed and invaded, and the left considers that a net win on theirs and Biden's part because they meant well and had good intentions. Well, we grade on results, and your results suck.

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