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RSS HardAgnostic

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1 point

I hope you've died a terrifying and bloody death you piece of breathing horse shit. You've done nothing but spread shit among this community and you make fun of people who are smarter than you. You've called transgender people retards, atheists retards, homosexuals retards, it seems like you're pleasures by being a complete and utter fucking ASSHOLE!

1 point

Alright, everyone on the "No" side are acting as if attraction towards the other gender means "sex, sex, sex, gAy sex" No, it shouldn't be. I know I'm going to get struck by the storm when the Christians see this but I'm going to be honest.. If your God says loving someone who has the same body parts as you is wrong, they're actually retarded.

1 point

I'm sorry, I don't think you understand. There's nothing wrong with having a religious belief. But with no photographic evidence, physical evidence, or other form of evidence, I cannot take you seriously when you scream at the top of your lungs "God is real!" I was forced to go to church my entire childhood. Guess what happened? Atheism was dissed and mocked and called crude names. You don't see atheists going to church to plan fire on pride parades or mock Christianity. I don't find having a correct state of mind hypocrisy. Christians wonder why they're made fun of when they're just as dumb as they think atheists are. This is when I became a religious anthropologist who studies religion instead of brainwashing myself with bibles.

1 point

There are many places in the bible that state homosexuality is wrong. Though God did not write the bible, it's clear he tolerated it enough for it to be in his holy book. ( For example: You're going to write a book but you need some opinions that are alike yours to prove a point. You don't get an opinion that is against yours, do you? ) I am only a religious anthropologist and I do not know all about Christianity. If you have a different point of view, please do share. I don't want to lie to people.

1 point

Bitch, everything's a mental illness. And you're taking it out of its context. Literally. Provided by support, it makes sense. A teacher pointing out another teacher's grammatical error does not make him a grammar nazi. Repeatedly flaming someone for their grammatical errors makes you a grammar nazi. I don't see your lack of understanding, you're just choosing to make your sarcastic point confusing. I'm definitely not a grammar nazi, yet I can spell. Don't know where you're coming from whatsoever.

1 point

This is confusing as hell. What the fuck does your lack of respect for those in a lower state than you have to do with the amount of dollars that are supposedly directed towards you?

0 points

Not necessarily. Most "grammar nazis," as the term is, are people who are mentally ill. Though this is all coming from experience, people who self diagnose themselves with OCD use that as an excuse to be annoying as fuck. For example: hey my dood you wanna hang tonight? -"It's "dude," a term used to address a male in an informal manner. Do not refer to me as DOOD. "

1 point

Gay marriage can't hurt anyone in any law of self-being. You have to be retarded to say, "People of the same sex can have the same rights as straight people? Oh no! Now I must be lesbian!" While straights were born with the right to marry, gays never said anything like that except, "I hope I don't get any rights stripped from me." It's honestly hilarious how y'all think two gay guys can't raise a kid because children need a father and mother. Your points are basically gender role influenced and bigoted. Come at me when the tea is thicker, honey. ☕☕☕

1 point

I'm not seeing your point whatsoever. Please keep it related to the topic.

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Winning Position: This is damaging.

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