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RSS Harley_Quinn

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6 points

Define "immorality"

The opposite of morality. The opposite of right. In other words, what's considered wrong in society and certainly, many people often times think 'what's immoral' can certainly be redefined which is ridiculous and also very based on scriptures which are true to my beliefs. However, morality is still what's right and what's immoral right now is the banning of gay conversion therapy only be endorse the opposite, which is turning kids from natural heterosexuals in development into unnatural homosexuals.

"Woe unto them who call evil good and good evil"

Oh wait, you clearly support the banning of gay conversion therapy but you like to endorse another form of it? Turning heterosexuals into homosexuals? Never gonna happen. That's called common sense.

Common sense is defined as to having the logical approach to everything. Knowing when something is wrong and knowing when something is right. Common sense includes truth and facts, more than emotions needed often times. In this case, the common sense right now is to state what's moral about this debate. Nothing is moral about banning gay conversion therapy only to endorse the opposite onto minors.

And if that doesn't have you stand behind the truth and with the righteous, you have lost common sense.

5 points

Not if they have common sense to see how wrong it is to be a left winger. I will say it's never worked with Justice Leaguers nor fans.

2 points

And you call us crazy? Btw, Dr. Batman is as he is. Rest of us are his friends. His real life friends. Therefore, I will just say, Harley Quinzel here is crazy still and yet, I refuse to agree with lgbtpedos because what they're saying is largely endangering the kids out there. Even I know, logic when I see it. Common sense exists and I found it after Mr. J nearly killed me. Comic book characters rock and teach a lesson!

3 points

According to your "logical stance" here it's, ban gay conversion therapy on minors but endorse another? The exact opposite? That's hypocrisy. You say "You can't just manipulate homosexuals into being heterosexuals", yet you are doing the same thing back. Two wrongs don't make a right and right now, you are wrong and it seems that you keep wanting to do wrong by arguing senselessly without seeing you are in the wrong BY ENDORSING HETEROSEXUAL CONVERSION THERAPY TO MAKE STRAIGHT PEOPLE GAY WHICH IS IMMORAL. Therefore, the Justice League supports nothing of this kind of hypocrisy. Leave the kids alone.

2 points

I heard they're callin you crazy. I say let them at you and beat them at their own game, Batsy! None of us are trannies as we know men are men, women are women. Boys are boys. Girls are girls. Lgbtpedos agenda is more insane than we ever thought. Going too far and targeting kids now? While banning religious freedom? That's what I call crazy and hypocritical!

I gotta say, y'all got alot of truth within yourselves. I still can't believe Mr. J -'sighs'

Whatever, y'all know what I'm sayin right? Leftists are more crazy than I am. They got a lot of nerve to say you are crazy when they are. I am not surprised that leftists are racists.

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