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RSS HarperBrady

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1 point

I am in conflict. I have not formed an opinion on this subject yet. But I would like to ask some questions I hope both sides can answer. Is it okay to make an 8 year old give birth? You can get pregnant as soon as you start ovulating (having your period), which can begin as early as 8. If this 8 year old was raped, and she conceived a potential child from the rape, do you think it is O.K to make her have give birth to that child? But then again, is it okay to kill this potential life ray could grow up into a beautiful loving, breathing human? Can pro-lifers and pro-choicers come to a middle ground or is it only black or white? To me, both sides have complexes that do take some thinking through. Moral ethics and science really have pushed themselves further away when it comes to abortion. The only thing I can confidently say is that it would would be hard for both sides eight? It's a really complicated issue and I think I've made an okay choice saying that I won't come to my own conclusion just yet. Research and critical thinking skills will get me there in the end. (I hope)

Educate yourself guys! Form your own opinions and remember, take everything with a grain

Of salt.

1 point

Were not living in the 1950's. Girls don't stay at home and cook, an feed, and sew. (sewing, really?) And it's not all one gender that is responsible for producing human life, it takes both genders. I really hope you don't need to have how babies are made explained to you...

So please, don't even try doing that whole grandma thing, wow you you should be so grateful.... you wouldn't be here without... stop.

1 point

I can understand where you're coming from, but I still disagree with most of your arguments.

You say that feminism helps men express their emotions which lowers the likeliness of mental illnesses, but reports on the news and in the media show feminists interrupting men's community meetings about their own issues, so what is it? It helps them to express their emotions, but as soon as they take this on board and host things like community meetings, they are bombarded by feminists protesting against them... Hmm.

Secondly, I would like to tell you something that I hope helps you understand why men get paid more. I have a step dad, which means I have three sets of grandparents instead of 2, and I have 2 parents plus one guardian. Every single one of my male grandparent is not retired and my grandmother is, in each family my dad (and stepfather) works longer and more days than my mum, same with aunties an uncles. And you're right, women are more creative, which means they don't usually go for a degree in the STEM areas, not because they feel they can't. Men also go for the more dangerous dangerous jobs. Here's an example, my mum's an architect, whereas, my uncle is a builder, you see what I mean? My mum doesn't get paid less because she's a woman, she gets paid less because she works from home part time as an architect. And she chose to.

Can I please point out something that feminists may not realize? Society is going to organize itself no matter what, it has been happening since the dawn of time and it's inevitable. Both genders are amazing, but we are different in our capabilities. I know some kick-ass women and I know some bad-ass men so let's just let it go and be happy!!

1 point

Well I'll take note of that if I ever see you in one of my arguments.

No offence, but I always thought moths were the uglier versions of butterflies. I wonder who's the butterfly in this scenario?

1 point

Can I please say something to all people who think pedophiles 'choose' to have a sexual interest in children? In my opinion, I don't think pedophiles wake up one day and think to themselves, "you know what? I really want to throw away my normal life and become a pedophile". It is not a desicion. Unless you're a complete and utter psychopath (which is about 1% of the population), you wouldn't make a decision like that. However, I do not beleive pedophilia is a sexual orientation, but more of a mental illness. I have absolutely no support for those sneaky pedophiles who are trying to get themselves into the 'LGBTQ+' community. That is definitely not O.K.

I did not realise how quickly this topic was arising, but when I did I decided to do my own research. It it is not childhood trauma but something's you are born with, unfortunately there is not very much research on pedophilia so I had trouble finding anything more specific than that, but I know it it is true. It' a bit like a lottery, some kids get gay, some of them get transgender, some are pansexual and some are bi. Then, there are those terribly unlucky kids who get put into the worst lottery imaginable, and spin 'pedophilia'. I have no sympathy for a pedophile who has ever even slightly acted on their urges, but I do feel sympathy for the pedophiles out there who feel like the scum of the earth for something that is completely out of their control.

Please don't hate on anybody, no matter who they are are. Spread love, not rumours. And educate yourself. (please) Take everything with a grain of salt and don't play the game of Chinese whispers in this world because you'll be carrying around the wrong message for the rest of your life.

1 point

Not everyone should have to be vegetarian if they don't want to. Really, I think it comes down to free choice. If we can't have a voice about things that concern our own lives, society is going downhill pretty fast. What abut religions and cultures that have meat eating ceremonies that they have been upholding by for years? In The Massai culture, they perform meat eating ceremonies that are very sacred to them. That shouldn't just be ripped away from them. And what about health? Most of our protein comes from meat and i know I would way rather have a steak night instead of a pate of spinach.

1 point

I apologise. I did not realise you were a moth. Now, I know this sounds utterly absurd, but I thought...

You were a human...

1 point

I don't mean to discourage you, and I know what you said was metaphorical, but it's what I'm going for.

inhales deeply

First of all, if you didn't have an ounce of fat on you you would be dead. Second of all, you should just dismiss that point because IT'S NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO HAVE 0% BODY FAT! Third of all, I don't see why you even began this argument. What, to discourage people who may be obese and are struggling to deal with their body image? Well, I bet you didn't even consider hormones imbalances, or eating disorders.

1 point

SeaWorld should be shut down for giving their whales a drug called benzodiazepine. Pus, research shows the orcas they keep have psychotic behaviours and show stereotypies, which are a direct result of being kept in captivity at SeaWorld

1 point

You are not responsible for the death of that person if rescuing the person puts yourself in danger. Although, if there was something you can do about it and you did not take that action, you may need to watch your back.

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