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RSS HarrySnotter

Reward Points:19
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2 points

Should Biden be allowed to withdraw money from the bank accounts of the rich?

No because they'll just stop producing, and then you'll have nothing to tax. This is why Margaret Thatcher pointed out that Socialism fails when there's no one left to steal money from.

The self-interested, career obsessed neo-fascist who aided and abetted in covering up the 9/11 attacks

Bush is against Trump. Looks like you're on Bush's team now.

He's an old Commie from way back. He's happy with blacks being attacked by left wing whites in the streets.

I appreciate you being honest and posting on the correct, true side.

Isn't it really strange how capitalist nations were the ones who enslaved, exploited and segregated blacks

In America it was the Democratic Party. Today, it's the Democratic Party. amp=true

but it's the Marxists who are racist.

They are putting Muslims in gulags so......

Go figure. Strange world this upside down alt-Reich paradise.

Capitalism has no wing. Many Democrats are Capitalists.

Demonstrate for me a President better than Trump, and explain how and why they were.

If you investigate very far you can clearly see that it is you.

Which tells us nothing about illegal noncitizen aliens who are responsible for 26% of prisoners in the U.S despite being a small percentage of the population.

11 points

Nom got caught lying again. He's pretty fucked up in the head. I looked at the waterfall. The last two links were left wing. Nom lied and is now acting butthurt.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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