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RSS HellNope

Reward Points:37
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0 points

That would be translated as Obama was a bad President. And you would be totally correct.

2 points

China lied in order to extract critical medical supplies, trying to exploit us

That's pretty normal for a tyrannical, authoritarian Communist dictatorship built on propaganda and disinformation.

2 points

That guy pretty much looks like the guy everyone picks on in school because he smells funny and has bad breath but never notices his own odor due to no social intelligence.

1 point

If your god hates those things surely he would wipe out Chicago, LA, and New York City. Oh wait.

0 points

They were further right than Nazi Germany, and as far fundamentalist as is humanly possible.

1 point

He has been taught to hate Nazis by his overlords, while they indoctrinated him with Nazi ideology.

1 point

They're called leftists. They worship Bernie, to bring the revolution. Then, after being cheated by the establishment, he endorsed Hillary Clinton and the establishment.

1 point

I prayed over my hamburger and it then came with fries and drink. I could not believe it

1 point

Are you the voices in my head telling me banana squash is in my brain again?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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