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RSS HellNope

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

People who commit suicide are still dead. I'm extremely confused why Americans think guns aren't a problem despite being confronted with evidence that 20,000 people per year use them to kill themselves.

More than that many people used pills to off themselves. I know! Let's ban pills! You stupid little retard.

1 point

When Burritolunch was asked for any reason to vote for Biden, he couldn't come up with even one thing. aheadofTrumpinthepolls#arg1033046

1 point

Not raping a child at an Epstein party is a pretty good reason for me. I'm sorry that you disagree that is a good reason.

Since Biden molests children on camera and raped women, guess it's a vote for Trump.

1 point

If you think Islam or being gay are nonsensical positions, do you have a phobia of gays or Muslims, or do you just disagree with them

HellNope(56) Clarified
1 point

I think it’s goals are noble and worth aiming for.


Because without the goal of getting to the toilet, you would shit your pants. Without the goal of cleaning the shit off of yourself, you'd get a nasty rash. Without the goal of nursing the rash, you'd get an infection and die. Without the goal of not dying, you'd walk blindly into heavy moving traffic.

1 point

The effects of hundreds of years of colonialism, slavery, racism, etc. don't just go away overnight.

Sure they do. I haven't heard any other groups that were ever enslaved, oppressed, or put into internment camps bitch one bit. In fact some outdo whites. In fact some WERE whites. And for some odd reason this phenomenon doesn't seem capable of infecting blacks who are Republicans.

People are still alive today (like James Meredith) that were blocked by state police just from going to university

And some who remember it are Republicans, and they say blacks today aren't oppressed because they have seen real oppression, and today isn't it. In fact they are begging white liberals to stop inacting policies that hurt blacks.

1 point

some Native Americans are likely not ashamed by it

Some Native Americans are confused as to why you don't want to pay them reparations, despite treating them worse than African Americans, figuring it's because they don't make up a big enough voting block to garner your concern.

HellNope(56) Clarified
1 point

Siberia is already over 100 degrees this year and on fire...

It was 105 degrees this time of year in 1873. It's gotten cooler. I'm relieved.

Tell me what temperature it SHOULD be.

HellNope(56) Clarified
1 point

Trump said Obama fudged the numbers, so just ask him how...

Trump and burritolunch can both be wrong about fudging numbers, and you still haven't shown Trump fudging any numbers.

1 point

All walls of this type serve the same purpose.

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