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RSS HellaJeff

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What do all of the people that criticized Trump have in common? They either died, or something bad happened to them. I rest my case.

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Nowadays it is possible for homosexuals to have and raise children. In many mammals, including humans, homosexual couples raise children superior to the children raised by heterosexual couples. These two points in consideration, one should also remember that if it doesn't violate someones freedoms and you ban it, then you are just violating that persons freedoms.

1 point

Racism as a word was popularized by Leon Trotsky in the 19th Century.

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It is the new version of Gotthard's law. I think we should rename it as "Trump's law".

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There are 4 passages within the Bible that condemns homosexuals. One is Genesis and one in Leviticus. Now the Old Testament is "Yawehism"- a dead religion and not Christian so I will ignore these passages. The New Testament still includes 2 however. But do these really condemn homosexuals?

Romans (1:26- 27): This passage is first of all not uttered by Jesus, our first red flag. Paul's views are relics of Yawehism and are sometimes different from the son of God himself. Furthermore, Romans is a letter to, surprisingly enough, the Romans. The context is in fact that of RITUALISTIC homosexual acts. The sin Paul is condemning is actually IDOLATRY and not homosexuality. This passage is used by Jesus's critics often, but it is taken well out of context.

Corinthians (6:9): This passage has been recently shown to have been edited. Earlier manuscripts of this passage show that "prostitution" is the condemned sin rather than "homosexuality". In Greek these words are similar and the mistake seems excusable, however it is a very big mistake none the less.

This is of course ignoring the hotly debated quote from the lord himself (Matthews 19:11-12) which states that 3 categories of "Eunuchs" are not subject to the law that Jesus outlines before this chapter, that lovemaking is for a man and a woman. He says those who are "born eunuch" are unable to follow this law and that is absolutely acceptable. Now that is interesting because nobody is born a eunuch. This phrase is actually a slang term among Jews, found in the Talmud also, as a term for GAY MEN. Personally I believe the reason that lesbians are not mentioned is because lesbians are technically unable to have sex.

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