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RSS HereticChick

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2 points

I'm sure a lot of those people make plenty of money and can afford to take time off from their jobs to protest. However, there ARE millions of Americans who cannot take time off from work, or even have transportation to protest these "so-called millions" of tea-bagging, brainless, vapid, selfish rethuglicans.

1 point

Now that's an inane response. My money doesn't say "in gawd we trust". Mine says Wachovia.

1 point

In what way would Nationalized Healthcare be fucked up? What statistics do you have to verify this? Can you honestly say that people in the countries that have National Healthcare DON'T like it or DON'T want it? Having healthcare for EVERYONE is better than having NOTHING for those 50 million uninsured Americans.

7 points

The bible is not proof for god. That would be considered circular reasoning.

4 points

There's no proof that a god exists or not. There's no proof that prayer works. Until god, any god, shows him/herself in plain sight, and performs a bonafide miracle, then I will remain an atheist.

1 point

The constitution does not provide rights or personhood to a fetus. You cannot murder a non-person. Also note, you cannot provide personhood to a fetus and the mother, since only one body can be a person. (unless you're conjoined twins)

2 points

It is a known fact that the human brain is not fully developed until after the age of 18. Therefore, anyone under the age of 18 should not be held entirely responsible for actions such as unintended pregnancy.

1 point

Exactly how would you enforce such a law? Would you set up gov't intervention to pregnancy test ALL eligible females monthly? What would be the cost? Will it be a federal program or a state program? What if a woman has a miscarriage? How will they prove that. What you're all asking for is a police state in a woman's uterus. You're basically calling it Government Property. When you do these things, you violate a woman's civil rights. Once you take away a woman's civil rights, then the gov't will just move on and take everyone's away. Then you can just relax in your ChristoFascist America.

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