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RSS HidekiTojo

Reward Points:149
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1 point

I recognized. I just love Science Fiction, and I felt like I Should say something. I haven't been on the website for the longest of time.

1 point

Stormtroopers are horrible in the field of ballistics. So I would not start off by saying that.

HidekiTojo(149) Clarified
1 point

Comrade, you mean "infinite"power .He was saying that neither side has or has had evdence, and that all we can hold onto is our personal belief. Religious debates always go to the deep, I feel like theist should not have to debate to prove their beliefs. If they were truly inclined in their God or Gods, they should not have to debate. But, if they insist.

1 point

He is a very funny man. Though, i think he should actually put up useful facts and information, he could then actually be a contributer to this website.

1 point

Either side was right, but the Confederates got the wrong end of the stick. This wasnt a war on slavery, it was about states' rights and money. Schools when i grew up taught the Confederates were all evil people, lies.

1 point

I never said it wasn't...Yes, Britain did not go to war, when I was talking about factions playing cards I was talking how discombobulated slave owners and The West Africa Squadron play roles.

1 point

I didn't say Britain went to war. The West Africa Squadron captured many slaves ships and liberated the slaves aboard.

1 point

They look under 18 to me, at-least some of them. Much like how you are rating "Hotness".

1 point

He was born to Cuban parents making him, Cuban. Cuba is a part of Latin America, although not associated with South America.

1 point

That in no way supports your topic, or maybe you like little children. Yes, you are giving us a link of diverse little children in a debate on "Hotness", pedo much?

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Name: Isaiah Crowder
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist

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