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RSS HighFalutin

Reward Points:2976
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HighFalutin(2976) Clarified
1 point

I think they should only put it out if the fire endangers other structures. Otherwise, burn, baby, burn.

HighFalutin(2976) Clarified
1 point

But mostly on the left. There are fringe groups like the KKK, Nazis, skinheads etc., but no one on the right wants anything to do with them. The left embraces their racists, proudly so.

You're welcome.

I pay taxes, so the Fire Department is not free to me, maybe you, but not me.

There was a story similar to what you allude to. A person's home caught on fire and he was arrears on his taxes, so the FD let his house burn.

See below:

Supporting Evidence: No Pay, Burn Away (

George Carlin routine about stupid people.


Stupid People

This is the kind of over-the-top analogy they've been using against Trump and the Right for years, unsuccessfully, I might add. Since it hasn't worked, why are they still trying to make such ridiculous claims?

As far as Venezuela and Cuba, Bernie is a Hugo-huggin', Fidel-following fool. God help us if he gets elected.

Nope. I believe everyone can contribute something. If it's scott-free, they will abuse it. If they don't have money, they should be required to volunteer and help the hospital or do community service after recovery.

Nope, they're too busy trying to get free stuff and don't have time to sell stuff. The latter is core to capitalism.

It means free to Bernies supporters. As long as they don't have to pay for it, it's fine by them.

As far as a risk pool, the cost spread over contributing participants. Those who don't pay get the free ride. That's Bernies brigade. They could care less about how it's paid as long as it's not them.

Don't you know? Because Trump didn't build it, someone else built it for him, and that someone is Obama.

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About Me

"Mission Statement: Dropping peals of wisdom throughout the land. Thank you."

Biographical Information
Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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