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I didn't watch your whole video, but what evidence does the Left have to prove he's a Republican other than their say so? They always try to place these kinds of people in the Republican camp, but seldom have anything to base it on.

All the left does is generate empty talking points to divert from the fact that they offer no realistic solutions to today's problems. Think defund the police; open borders; free this; free that; you're a racist/sexist/xenophone/homophobe/transphobia/islamaphobe, etc, etc. That's all the have- just empty rhetoric and ad hominem attacks, no real solutions.

That was easy and you're welcome

Re: " The left would lose their collective minds."

The Left has no minds to lose; that's why they're Democrats.


You're welcome.

I say no to both. These are topics that should be taught at home.

He used the same excuse Hitler used and, like Hitler, has a bunker mentality and is out of touch with reality. Too bad no one can tell him the truth.

In other words, he-shes get to play with she-hes. Makes sense to me... not.

Agreed. We have a vocal minority of influential people driving the agenda for the majority. The reason they get away with it is because the majority is silent. But now, I think they are finally waking up. Parents getting more actively involved in schools and countering the hate America, racial divide game the left is playing in the every-day curriculum being taught to their kids. They've poked mama bear and she is not happy. A change is gonna come.

Europe is in the mess they're in because of the ex-politicos from their respective countries who got on board with Russian oil companies to lobby on behalf of them. Gazprom, for example, a Russian oil company, landed Gerhard Schroder, an ex-chancellor of Germany, on its board of directors. Schroder and many other ex politicians were hired by Russian companies to influence European leaders to become client States for Russian energy. This is how they got themselves into the mess they find themselves in now. Schroder and the others basically sold their countries out.

Nope, never! I don't wanna and I ain't gonna. You can't make me, either.

Racism is racism no matter who practices it. The Left doesn't get a pass.

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"Mission Statement: Dropping pearls of wisdom throughout the land. Thank you."

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Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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