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RSS HighFalutin

Reward Points:3193
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10 most recent arguments.

It's the future of the Democratic Party. They want them hooked on government largess so they will always vote Democrat.

It's representative of the liberal agenda; it always falls flat on its face.

That was easy, give me something difficult.

HighFalutin(3193) Clarified
2 points

What do Cosby, Weinstein and Trump have to do with Cuomo's errant behavior? You deflect too much because you don't have the mental capacity to make an intelligent argument.

There are none, but that won't stop the left from claiming he did anyway. They'll say he was "speaking in code" and everyone there knew what he meant, or something equally stupid.

Hoaxsters never admit they hoaxed, just like liars never admit they lie. What the hell's wrong with you? Were you a breach baby, a crack baby or were dropped on your head at birth or something? Maybe, you're a product of inbreeding and are just don't know any better.

I'm sure I'm in the ballpark on this because I think you're so retarded you don't even know you're retarded. Later, Retard.

Sure is. It's a racist, hate group. They want dead cops and have told White people who came to help them to get at the back of the line.

You're welcome.

The right to bear arms is in the Constitution so the gubament should provide us with guns. It is a form of healthcare, too. For example, if a half-crazed, spittle-spewing liberal comes to do damage to your person or property, a gun will preserve your health by eliminating a threat to it.

This is like killing 2 birds with one stone. Free gun and free healthcare in one fell swoop.

I rest my case.

That was easy.

Accountability, you mean like the Russian collusion hoax, or the Hillary email/private server escapade?

Nope. That is hyper-partisan, over the top speculation by the left designed to incite and inflame their minions.

Non-responsive to topic. You are banned for exceeding the legal limits of stupidity.

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About Me

"Mission Statement: Dropping pearls of wisdom throughout the land. Thank you."

Biographical Information
Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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