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1 point

Good argument. Even though the Congress has the power to impeach the president, the president can still remain in his given office. Also impeachment requires a super majority which is very unlikely to happen because of gridlock due the division of the chambers (polarization). Gridlock within Congress can prevent a lot of actions from taking place.

1 point

For the President:

The power to sway public makes the President more powerful than the Congress. The President’s ability to bully pulpit allows the president to have a platform to speak with the public through mass media. Also the president is able to make quick decisions for the public, while the Congress is gridlocked due to polarization. According to Federalist 70, the main reason the president does not have multiple chambers for the presidency position is because the public would like a president that makes decisions quickly and for someone to blame and praise during times of decision making. In addition to those, the public can determine the president motives through popular mandates. Popular mandates allows the public to determine the motives behind the presidency. Each power allows for the President to accurately represent the public better than the public.

1 point

For the President:

Unlike the Congress, the President has more implied powers which makes it more powerful than the Congress. The list of enumerated powers that is given to the Congress limits the Congress to those powers. Even though the Congress can have actions based on the Necessary and Proper Clause, the President has more implied powers because of the president's inherent powers. Also the President is able to go around Congress with executive orders and executive agreements. In addition to those, the president has the right to executive privilege, meaning that everything he acts upon does not have to be transparent to the public. The President’s implied powers allow him to be more powerful than the Congress because the President is not limited and can act freely with his implied powers

1 point

For the President:

The President’s formal powers in the Constitution makes the President more powerful than the Congress. In the Constitution, powers given to the President include veto, pardon, and being Commander in Chief. Whenever the Congress goes through bill processing, the President is given the right to pass the bill or reject it through the veto. Another presidential power would be pardons against the United States. A president can give pardons to people despite hearings, trials, and/or verdicts. Lastly being Commander in Chief is a power of the president, meaning he is in charge of all military forces in the nation. Each power shows that the president is more powerful than the Congress because the president is able to override, overpower, and undo Congress doings.

1 point

State militias are as equally prepared for war as standing armies. During the Revolutionary War, state militias were used to win the battle against Great Britain-a major standing power. Standing armies take away citizens' power to protect themselves, by using standing armies to enforce structure that could be created by a state militia.

4 points

Standing army can possibly protect the nation from outside powers, but so can state militias. During the Revolutionary War, state militias were used to fight against a major foreign power. Winning the war was a major accomplishment for the nation. The federalists only want a standing army to control how and what citizens do when protecting themselves. Also, the second amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms, which supports state militias better.

3 points

Standing Army

A standing army would take power away from the people and destroy their liberties. In militias, people had power to fight only when necessary. In a large republic, one law will please some while others are left unhappy. Those people will support a standing army based solely on the fear of getting killed.Even though the Const. Keeps militias around, it creates a standing army. State militias helped win the fight during the Revolutionary War. State militias allow for less chaos and more unity. Citizens are able to enforce power among themselves without being forced to fight under a standing army.

4 points

The Congress has the power to make laws that are necessary and proper. This vague clause used by a large republic will lead to elite rule. In a large republic it is not possible for everyone to be equally represented because one elite can not accurately represent the ideals of the majority. Elites can make laws by saying it is for the “common defense” or the “general welfare” because it is in the Constitution. The Congress would have the power to repeal any state laws because the congress would go beyond its enumerated boundaries by bending the enumerated powers in the Constitution.

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