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RSS Holy_Wars

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1 point


I am glad you find being mentally ill so amusing.

1 point

And none of them have the government or the proletariat running companies or owning the means of production

Actually, all of those countries use socialised healthcare systems, and most of them have socialised higher education. Iceland has even socialised the banks!

-5 points
1 point

"OF COURSE YOU CAN HAVE CANNONS! You are allowed to defend yourself and your property!"

There is a real problem in your country. If you can't differentiate between a weapon and a shield then, by the same logic, if Muslims were responsible for 9/11 (which they weren't, I'm just giving an example) they would have only been "defending" themselves from American aggression.

Funny how all the rules change when you're the victims.

1 point

when it's YOU denying my DNA test

Oh, what a surprise. More LIES from the LIAR. It is SCIENCE which is "denying" your "DNA test", you obnoxious 75 year old halfwit.

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.

Get help, you delusional prick.

1 point

JEW why is it your party opposes your homeland ?????????????

Nobody of any moral integrity can deny the threat posed to world peace by Israel, which only illustrates that Republicans lack moral integrity. Israel is a terrorist apartheid state and a theocracy.

1 point

Hi bronto. Unity and strength huh? Now where have I heard speech like that before? You mean like this:-

Nazi Parade, Berlin, 1940
0 points

Palestinians (who are Muslims) and Israelis (who are Jews) share the exact same genetic roots to the indigenous peoples of the region. Mislabelling one of those groups a race is therefore an attempt from one religion to establish dominance over the other.

1 point

Your question is like asking: what if the Moon IS made of cheese? It's stupid because Jews obviously aren't a race and the Moon obviously isn't made of cheese.

1 point

Notice how none of these fools can answer a simple ethical Q.

There's nothing ethical about your question you retard. Your question is about ethics.

How can you be an adult and not understand how English works? It's disgraceful.

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