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RSS Hootie

Reward Points:555
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3 points

What sexual choices consenting adults make if they are outside of the faith, is none of my business.

Appeal to emotion fallacy.

1 point

Anything more recent?

Like in the last 6 months?

It's just Nazi spam day in and day out with this fucking imbecile. Did you see what he did yesterday? He literally cut out the second half of a sentence George Orwell once wrote about Spain and tried to con people into believing the quote was about the entire world. Bronto is a worthless piece of shit lying Nazi who deserves to be beaten and left in a ditch.

Hootie(555) Clarified
1 point

I am a born again Christian and I don't care about your feelings.

Something tells me you are too stupid to realise the contradiction here.

2 points

This is an interview with a A RIGHT WING TELEGRAPH WRITER CALLED RADHIKA SANGHANI, you lying fucking Nazi IMBECILE!!

Lol. Bronto openly busted telling lies for the millionth time this year.

Ask him whether he's divorced or widowed.

2 points

Because hate is all retards like Cocopops know how to do. Without hate they are completely empty inside.

He literally follows me everywhere. He's retarded.

3 points

Here it is. A real scientists using science to trash the "theory" of abiogenesis. Enjoy.

So what? I'm an atheist and I've been trashing abiogenesis for years. It's ridiculous.

Oh wait...

Are you under the impression that the only alternative to abiogenesis is the magic of the Christian God? Because that makes you even more stupid.

2 points

Give it back when the Muslims give back millions of acres they stole through imperialism and land seiges in the Middle East.

Shut up moron. You don't have any problem with land grabs when Jews or Christians do it.

4 points

The generally unforeseen problem with action against bullies is that it CREATES opportunities for the cleverer form of bully to use false accusations as a form of bullying. Hence, it can defeat its own purpose.

2 points

We know it's you nom.

In the same way you "know" that "Joseph Goebbels was an open Marxist"?

Bronto, you and Jody are so fucking stupid it renders your entire existence pointless. I've literally told you who that account belongs to.

1 point

Hows that time machine of yours doing buddy?


You have to include an apostrophe when you merge words like "how" and "is" together.

You'd know that.

If you weren't an idiot.

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Winning Position: Lugenpresse

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