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RSS Hootie

Reward Points:515
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Conservatives don't even know who these people are

Conservatives and liberals both hate Trump. I seem to remember the last time that happened the guy's name was Hitler.

-1 points

the ravening lunatic obsessed with Bronto.

Of course, because let's face it: opening one thread about Bronto in the last six months = obsessed with Bronto.

Here's a thought, you boring racist cocknose. How about you stop projecting your obsessions onto other people and go find someplace where people actually like you. Like Venus.

0 points

Give us a list of times Rush provably lied.

Rush Limbaugh has made a career out of telling lies.

You know full well that Rush Limbaugh is a liar so you're crookedly dishonest and just a generally horrible person.

-1 points

Little guys are little because they have little, unimaginative barren minds incapable of forging a better life for themselves and their families through entrepreneurial enterprise

Lol. Jody, you are so offensively stupid it's borderline comical. The man ultimately responsible for creating all of the technology you see around you today was a broke, penniless scientist called Nikola Tesla. Tesla died penniless mainly because Edison -- who was a much lesser mind -- kept stealing the profit from Tesla's inventions.

You're a fucking idiot. Shut your idiot mouth please.

-1 points

You'll need to explain why South Dakota survived everything the left said would happen to them while shaming them.

No, I'm afraid you'll need to explain why you keep lying, misrepresenting the facts, changing the subject entirely, abusing hundreds of puppet accounts, proliferating extreme far right propaganda, calling everything you don't like "the left", and purposefully omitting critical information. Information like: who was in charge of stopping the Coronavirus entering America, who failed in that duty, and who tried to blame everybody else other than himself for his own errors.

America is the worst affected country in the world so -- lying partisan cunt that you are -- what do you do? You start dividing America along party lines.

Hootie(515) Clarified
-1 points

No Fox News involved

That's because even Fox News won't publicise fake videos due to the risk they'll get sued.

Look, let's have it right. The culture in your country is backwards. It allows (even arguably encourages) asshats like you to lie and cheat your way through life, betraying trust and committing emotional fraud, while it simultaneously throws other people in jail for having a bit of pot. That's exactly why your nationalist propaganda never works on anybody with a functional brain cell. They realise that America doesn't give a fuck about them. It's a place literally built on the principle of fending for yourself.

1 point

There are many videos of SJWs saying they hate America and that it is a force for evil

You falsely call these people "SJWs" simply for holding a majority worldview. The US has been voted the greatest threat to world peace numerous times. It also imprisons more people than any other country in the world.

1 point

You're going with us Hootie.

And that's exactly why the US is going down. Its people are so fundamentally selfish and clueless about reality that, even when warned of the inevitable, impending implosion, their first thought is: who can I drag down with me?

1 point

Says the person who thinks

Disliking Trump doesn't make me a partisan so you are inventing fallacious contradictions exactly like Bronto does. You two should get married. Or wait... Are you his ex-wife?

I'm a Trump supporter you idiot

Sarcasm doesn't make me a partisan either. You're an idiot.

1 point

See also

Yeah, see also:-

New Snowden Documents Reveal Secret Memos Expanding Spying


Obama’s covert drone war in numbers: ten times more strikes than Bush

Now shut up please.

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