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RSS Hootie

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0 points

Hootie - I completely agree with what you've said. I despise Trump but I stand in awe of his accomplishments. He's the greatest con man in the history of the world. He decided to pretend to run for President only to get himself some brand name (Trump) recognition and along the way he discovered a loyal following of idiots which evolved into a cult which he encouraged.

I completely agree with you too buddy. You and I have almost identical opinions on most stuff. It's kind of spooky. Lol.

1 point

I don't want to own or use guns

Come on. Every time you get mad you threaten to shoot people.

I just support mentally stable nonfelons having the right to do so.

Here's something you probably haven't realised, but every single felon in American history was at one point in their lives a non-felon. They become felons after they have done the damage, so it does their victims a fat lot of good if you take their gun away after they've used it to shoot people.

2 points

What was the the main contributory factor in Trump's downfall?

Trying to bring 1930s German fascism to 21st century America. With that he created a fierce divide between people who have been educated about the rise of fascism and those who have not.

1 point

Oh, no???? Science says that Jews ARE a race.

Science says the exact opposite you delusional bastard. In fact science says there is no such thing as race, period. Not in the biological sense, at least.

Try education. It works.

There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label

It's been used to define and separate people for millennia. But the concept of race is not grounded in genetics.

1 point

Hello again hater:

Hi again lover.

Nahhh.. You got it WRONG again

Did I? Well, let's be honest. Your CAPS LOCK ADDICTION is certainly a valid form of evidence.

Being a dick is when you pop up on EVERY thread I post on to tell me that I'm NOT a Jew

Listen buddy, if you are going to continuously lie to people that you are Jewish and ignore the indisputable scientific evidence that there is no such thing as a racial or ethnic Jew, I am going to "pop up" and make absolutely clear that you are making false claims. If you don't like it then stop telling lies. It isn't difficult to stop telling lies.

0 points

I looked at the debate you are mocking, and it was a black guy, so you are racist and Fascist.

You are literally so retarded.

0 points

Nahhh.. I love DEBATING.. That's why I come here.


Listen bro, debate is not calling other people Jew haters every time they explain to you that Jewish is not a race. That's just plain old-fashioned being a dick.

0 points

Hey, Nomshit, That was 1939.

We've all moved on since then

I thought so too until your fat orange fuhrer brought us back there.

2 points


In a Republican controlled senate, 57 voted to impeach him against 43 who voted not to. That's an acquittal in the same way that you're an honest man.

1 point

My point stands though: the US presents as a land where self-defense is a natural right and that through the right to bear arms, that right is protected.

Which of course is silly because by arming people you only create an increased need for self-defence which wouldn't be there otherwise. You also create a state of paranoia where people are worried their assailants might be better armed, which ultimately leads to a culture of one-upmanship.

The country I live in now has many flaws and its share of idiots ( like all places) but the people fundamentally have less hate in their hearts.

Many Americans who spend a lot of time abroad (especially in Europe) eventually reach the point where they no longer understand the United States and have no desire to return there.

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