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RSS HootiesWank

Reward Points:80
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I personally likes to eat the cheese to see if I can make a delicious stew in the toilet.

0 points

I wouldn't challenge the premise of the debate either due to you knowing you'd look foolish. You knew you were defeated. Good move. Good move.

2 points

You've presented an illogical premise. God would be the creator of time and space, so accordingly, time and space would be meaningless to Him. He is the only thing that actually exists. There is no past or future. The only tense is "is".

Your problem is that you must explain why something exists rather than nothing in a physical reality where you say there is no God. The Deist only needs to theorize that God is the only thing there actually is, and that He exists in a timeless, spaceless reality consisting of only one thing. His Consciousness.

1 point

You are a Conservative who is having to fight off all of the brainwashing you have been exposed to.

1 point

You fuck monkeys, and monkeys fuck you. That's what gays and monkeys do.

1 point

Or we just get rid of you and Nom and don't have a problem anymore. I have a dungeon I plan on putting you in. I hope you like eating human shit with corn in it cause that's what you'll be eating.

1 point

You are still a dickless goat fucking gremlin from the nation of Ham.

1 point

Gangs do produce their own guns you butthole licking goblin.

1 point

Oh, it's fairly simple buddy.

I do love licking your mom's butthole like a lolipop.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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