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RSS Houston

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1 point

But if you apply Trigonometry, the Tangent of the Orphan seals and the Adolescentness of the seal, you will find that when quantified, the morals of Clubbing Baby seals makes you better than anyone else.

2 points

At the battle of Zama, Scipio Africanus won, yes. The troop numbers were about even, 40k vs 45k, but the bulk of Hannibal's were citizens, whereas Scipio Africanus had all professional soldiers. But, the romans outnumbered Hannibal in heavy cavalry, something Hannibal had the edge with in every battle. The battle was also chosen by the Romans, in all of Hannibal's previous battles, he was up in Rome or Spain, choosing his battles. Scipio Africanus also never made an Empire.

0 points

Why Lee? Ulysses S Grant defeated him, and its not like the Scipio Africanus defeating Hannibal Barca. US Grant has a reputation, and was winning a lot, Hannibal had a reputation, and was winning everything, outnumbered by 2x or more very time. Robert E Lee never made any insanely remarkable battles.

1 point

It's great. Without it our economy would be in the toilet. Obamacare is founded on the bases of clubbing children, but, we can use this alternative energy source, of clubbing baby seals. If everybody in the world clubs just one baby seal a year, we can end world hunger, end poverty, and end the liberal party. Now wouldn't that be something!

1 point

If Patton was so good why wasn't he the ranking officer of the Allies? Why was he relieved of duty for slapping an infirm? Rommel was the best of his time.

Patton wasn't Eisenhower because he lacked the politics needed for war. He was relieved of duty because he died, a truck hit his car. Rommel certainly was good, but Patton beat Rommel several times.

That'll be the day, they were invaded by the Mongols under Subutai. That was before Russia had any unification. Try it now and you have no chance.

The Russians had been spying on the US bomb efforts since 1942.

We have a huge chance. America is a superpower.

How could they if they were dead?

They wouldn't be dead. They were certainly alive at the end of WWII, right?

In 4 years time China would become communist. I highly doubt Mao loved Americans and their capitalism.

We can win a war in four years. xD

Our allies owned the Middle East, we couldn't invade them. Alaska's oil reserves are still there untapped and will remain there until someone overturns Roosevelt's national reserve laws.

We can capture the Middle East quickly. And we could easily tap into the Alaskan oil, because laws are easily changed in times of war.

The Soviet Union was going to invade Japan until the US dropped the bomb so there must have been a lot of soldiers stationed there.

Give me an actual number and we'll talk.

1 point

I know Kinda is a communist. And a very dirty one at that!

1 point

"First of all Patton was no Hannibal."

Patton was the best general alive at his time. So was Hannibal.

"Second Russia has only been successfully invaded once."

So they can be invaded again.

"Third Russia would have developed an a-bomb before we ever totally conquered them if we could."

Russia only learned how to create the A-Bomb through stealing it. The war was over so we had let our guard down. But, during war, Russia wouldn't have touched our special recipe =)

"Fourth we would have had no allies as Russia could have destroyed them with their millions stationed in Europe."

Japan is pretty darn near close to Russia. If we had attacked Russia, Europe would most likely have sided with us.

"Fifth China would have aided Russia, and theoretically they could amass a larger army."

At that time China loved us. Our Flying Tigers were famous amongst the Chinese people as "Dragons."

"Sixth Russia has a lot of oil and the American economy cannot function without it."

Theres more in the Middle East, and Alaska =p

"Seventh our base closest to Russia was Japan, who would've been wiped out by Siberian forces, and the Japanese militarists."

Siberian Forces can't wipe out the US Military. Who was stationed there.

1 point

I forbid him to leave. Then the liberals would get their JC, and make us feel stupid.

1 point

Yes. Soviet Russia's communist uprising was becoming more and more of a threat. Other countries were turning communist, too. And if we had dealt with it then and there, the Korean War, and the Vietnamese war would have never happened. Along with the mass homicides committed in China, Laos, Cuba, etc. It would have easily saved over 50 million lives. Patton had more experience and skill then any Russian General at that time, and was better equipped. So what if we were outnumbered 2:1. Alexander The Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar and many more great generals have won with even worse odds, and sometimes they were even under-equipped.

2 points

China's pretty much Totalitarianist right now. The have free trade markets, but they government has no restraints, and the people don't vote and only have the rights that the government allows them, which can be taken away at any time.

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