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1 point

You're not clear with your topic. What form of psychology? If it is believing psychology, then it isn't religion. It is friendship.

1 point

Sports sports and only sports. Videogames are costly. They are addictive. It is in indoors so you have no exercise. Obesity comes for free with it. Playing videogames won't make new friends; sports will. Moreover sports you more energetic and if you're a male, N.B. Girls like sportspersons !! ;)

1 point

Actually, a big thanks to the creator of this excellent topic. I think this isn't wrong for the sake of history. We are a part of history. As long as it isn't the tomb/burial ground if an immigrant or foreigner, I think the corpse will be doing an honor serving the country or the greater cause of humanity.

1 point

If god doesn't exist, you don't as well. Haven't you felt secure at times when the world goes crashing down on you ? That is god. You've got my answer.

0 points

What are you actually talking about ? Please be official with your examples next time...

1 point

No, I won't. If he couldn't tell me the truth in the first time, it means two things : either he/she doesn't believe me OR he/she isn't confident with decisions. Not forgiving will mend many things. Next time he/she will tell me the truth in the first attempt and will have strength & confidence with his decisions next time and will think twice before saying something.

1 point

What the heck are you referring to "these people" ? Man, you're completely pissed off !! You know what , you don't have your own views. Searching in YouTube doesn't mean you have known Indians.... I am not an Indian. I have lived there for 7 years and I know what kind they are. Better if you think twice before debating on a point...

1 point

Hey man, you're outdated. Go to the newsletter of Apple, etc. Experts have already expressed their views for it. It IS a disaster. Though it has some extraordinary features like Gatekeeper Security, etc. , it has much more disastrous features. It has many new changes, which are expected not to suit mobile professionals who are always on the go and have already become accustomed to WindowsXP and Windows7, etc.

1 point

I support ice-cream because cake has lot more calories than ice-cream which supports obesity. Moreover, ice-cream is obviously more delicious !!

1 point

I'm not against smoking. I'm against cigarettes. Prevention is better than cure.

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Winning Position: No ( Liquor is better )
Tied Positions: Should not be encouraged vs. Should be encouraged

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